AAPL and Apple

Social media twitters and influencers are minority who love to talk BS in the public. Majority of the consumers don’t follow these guys.

This guy is EM’s front man. An uber TSLA cultist… every TSLA moonshot is super innovative and worth $10T… SMH.

The biggest problem with recent Apple events is every announcements are leaked weeks ago… so no f… surprised announcement… SJ would be extremely angry.

This guy is expecting a blockbuster like iPhone… for every Apple event? I would like that but…

“China has not issued laws, regulations or policy documents that prohibit the purchase and use of foreign brand phones such as Apple’s,” foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told a regular press briefing when asked about the reports.

This “ban” rumor is likely a Huawei campaign. Social media is spreading this rumor as if it is true without any confirmation of fact. That is why we shouldn’t trust what social media said.

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Wedbush’s Dan Ives says Apple’s market cap is about to shoot up

“Services now starting to uptick to double-digit growth, and I think the most important thing, 25% of the install base has not upgraded their iPhone in four-plus years,” Ives told CNBC. “We sit here a year from now, Apple is toward $3.5 trillion, not the opposite.”


Scratching my head.
iPhone and iPad can run desktop software and games. Which desktop software he wants to run?

More scratching. Apple is struggling?
Apple is the largest company in the world by market cap. Apple has increased FCF by 23% CAGR for the past four years. AAPL is one of the three (the other two is NVDA and MSFT) magnificent 7 that has made ATH this year. The other 4 magnificent 7 (TSLA, AMZN, META, GOOG) are struggling below their ATHs.

Even more scratching. TC is not a risk taker?
A moonshot was announced in Jun… what are people expecting? Two moonshots in one year?

TC is not an innovator?
Folding phone :-1: Is he viewing visible hardware changes as innovation? Or changes that he wants as innovation? There are tons of innovations in iPhone 15 e.g. periscope camera, can capture spatial computing photos and videos, 2nd gen UWB (most notable feature is increased range, enable many new software functionalities), etc.

Thinking aloud: For average consumers, many innovations in iPhone over the past few years are not necessary for their daily usage. For them, iPhone SE might be sufficient. Cost of SE $429… replace after 4 years… average cost of iPhone per year less than $100, cheaper than a pair of Air Pods (2nd gen).

Ironically, Joe thinks highly of COSTCO :wink: Saying AAPL is no different from COST to Joe is a compliment. :joy:



Thinking aloud: Apple event is targeting the ordinary people and not at growth stock investors.

Wondering aloud: Will revenue of⌚️ ever reach similar order of magnitude as📱 ?

Apple Taps New Chief for Team Developing Watch’s Glucose Tracker

So much rumor, now confirm, so when?

It’s also working on a blood pressure monitor for release in the next two years.

I also need this.

Plenty of innovations for Apple Watch, the natural question is…

Wondering Aloud: Every moonshot for TSLA is worth $1T to $10T, how come Apple’s moonshots don’t worth much? Worse, some social media influencers don’t think those are even innovations???
 Pay + Card + related financial apps/ services
 Watch + all heath apps/ services
 Vision Pro + future spatial computing services/ apps/ periphery
 Entertainment platform/ services (TV, TV+, Music, Arcade, HomePods, Home Kits, …)

I have seen tons of Elon cultists. Have you seen any Tim Cook cultists? I have not.


Typical social media influencers think like or parrot Cathie and Beth.

iPhone: There are significant improvements but they are for prosumers, professionals and avid gamers. Hear of Pro-Motion, Ray tracing, 5x telephone camera, action button…
AI and LLM: Apple products and services have tons of AI and LLM, Apple just didn’t hype about them and are not in the same area as other mega caps. Apple doesn’t join hype of the day. For example, Siri doesn’t need internet connection to respond… no need for cloud… other companies should be worried because it implies don’t need much data to train. Apple’s neural engine is very advanced. Recently, even TSLA uses neural for FSDv12.
Metaverse: Talking about hyping by META? Real usage hasn’t even started.
Revenue growth: Annual revenue growth has always been positive.
P/FCF: Take out SBC cashflow and do your computation again.
Tailwinds: Sound like didn’t do DD on Apple business or don’t understand Apple business. Please re-do.

Please go back to school to learn how to do valuation. Current popular way of doing valuation is :-1: Most are geared towards software/ growth companies, completely ignore that many software/ growth companies have high customer acquisition expenses and high SBCs.

Once again, social media influencers are wrong…

Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 11.46.24 AM

Bear in mind, 40% of current iPhone users have iPhone that are 4+ years old.

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I wonder if stores will have them. I’m going to be driving across the country when they are available.

There is no official ban.

Even if there is, government officials have two phones, one iPhone and an Android. Hence, sale of iPhone won’t be affected.

A Tmall manager told Jiemian, which is affiliated with the Shanghai United Media Group, that they had to replenish stock nine times in under 30 minutes, adding that the premium Pro Max was the quickest-selling model…

Chinese consumers are status conscious so they prefer the Pro Max :slight_smile:

The premium Pro and Pro Max models, which retail in a range between 7,999 and 13,999 yuan, come with what the company has called “the industry’s first 3-nanometre chip” – the A17 Pro – as well as the introduction of a titanium case for weight reduction and a switch to the more universal type-C charging cords.

Pro Max has a 5x :+1: optical zoom and a programmable :+1: action button.
Both iPhone Pro are capable of taking spatial computing :+1: :+1: photos and videos.

Allies such as France is harassing Apple while enemies such as China is buying tons of iPhones.

The status of the stock-trading project is unclear after Goldman CEO David Solomon bowed to internal and external pressure and decided to retrench from nearly all of the bank’s consumer efforts. One source said the infrastructure for an investing feature is mostly built and ready to go should Apple eventually decide to move forward with it.


 Wallet
 Pay
 Card
 Saving Account
 Cash
 Pay Later

Still missing stock trading, insurance, mortgage, loans, …

If EU forced Google to give up the default search engine deal, Microsoft is the winner.

What is the Overture Maps that Apple, Microsoft and Amazon is working on?

Apple Maps still sucks. I’m using it due to Apple CarPlay integration.


Apple Maps have risen to 40% market share, Google maps is losing market share.

Whenever my trip involves highways, I use Apple Maps even though I know the route because of the speed check and traffic light features.

I have no experience with other companies’ maps, don’t want use non-Apple apps… to minimize spyware :wink:

I bet it’s because of the Apple CarPlay integration for iPhone users.

Above is the reason why can’t trust keyboard warriors…

Usually between major iterations, there are a few minor iterations. This year iPhone 15 is a minor iteration. Even so, given that 40% of current iPhone users owned iPhone older than 4+ years, to this group of users, iPhone 15 is a major iteration from their iPhone.

There are a few features that I like about iPhone 15 Pro… ability to take spatial computing photos & videos, 5x telephoto lens, action button, ofc USB-C port and Siri can operate without internet connection.