AAPL and Apple

Apple Maps now correctly recognizes the building entrance is not on the street of the address. It look ~5 weeks to realize it.

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Fair value is $150 :face_with_peeking_eye: Not relevant to investors. May be sufficient for traders :roll_eyes: to try a short trade :scream:

AAPL disappoints @manch again. As I said many times, most critical metric for AAPL is installed base :smile:

How much do you pay Apple per month? I don’t have any subscription with Apple even though my household is pretty much all Apple. I do use Apple Pay though. That service is awesome.

Apple News+ $9.99 per month. Family plan.
iCloud 200GB $2.99 per month. Family plan.

Need more upward momentum :moneybag:

North America remains Apple’s largest market, but emerging economies are where the best opportunity to grow sales lies. Sales for mainland China were 2 per cent lower in the latest quarter, but were higher at a constant currency level.

India is becoming a more important area, but, as things stand, it would struggle to pick up enough of the slack if China falters.

I believe sale in China should recover from Q2.

The company has been more shy about its investment in artificial intelligence than the lies of Meta Platforms, Amazon and Nvidia. It has pointed to features like personal voice, which uses machine learning to create a synthesised version of a user’s voice to turn text into audio, and its fall detection function on iPhone. But if hardware sales continue to tread water, Cook and Co could face more pressure from the market to demonstrate how it is seeking to capitalise on AI hype.

Market loves chasing hype. Chase it or you’re considered behind time :man_shrugging: Having said that, I think Apple should implement ChatGPT-like feature in Spotlight and Swift.


“I believe that ESPN is the asset that ultimately [Apple] will buy,” Ives said on Bloomberg Surveillance on Wednesday.

Agree. Apple should move fast and just (over)pay. So far Apple is too conservative, missing many opportunities to acquire world-class businesses that would enhance their services and products greatly. Live streaming of sports synergizes with Vision Pro perfectly.

Bullish count…

or this…

Bearish count…

That is, so long don’t retrace below $180 over the next few days, use bullish count.

CEO Bethany Bongiorno gives a brief history of the company, beginning with how she met co-founder and president Imran Chaudhri on her first day at Apple. The company’s entire history ties back to their former employer. It was there they poached CTO Patrick Gates, along with a reported 90 or so other former Applers.

Apple has to drop the AirPort products because Robert Pera poached all the best Wi-Fi guys. Rumor Nuvia has attracted the best chip brains from Apple leading to slowing development in M series chips. Now, Humane poached so many Applers. After glancing the article, don’t know what the f… is the device… bad article. Probably a f… product too.

Look like something to wear on your jacket or heavy sweater? Too heavy on a t-shirt or shirt?

About $10 from ATH achieved in Jul 2023.

The A17 Pro can process 35 trillion operations per second, which gives it enough power to large language models up to “high single digit billions of parameters.”


…Analyst Erik Woodring said 2024 will likely be a “catalyst year” for Edge AI…

…Apple will emerge as one of the key winners - or ‘Edge AI Enablers’ - in this race given the unique data from Apple’s 2 billion+ devices and 1.2 billion+ users…


OpenAI is trying to catch up with ?

I’m not an expert, but smaller models are possible if they are more specific. A music focused model could be far smaller. The same for a movie focused one, etc. The future could be smaller, specific models that are separate apps.

Models are so big, so you can throw anything at them and they can handle it.

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From my understanding, companies are moving towards decreasing the parameters while achieving the same result of big model due to hardware constraint and also after certain point accuracy plateaus.

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Get rid of the 30% Apple tax too. Apple is a monopoly and should be treated as one.



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Technical chart is bullish :+1: ST could start retrace, not expected to be below $180.


Nov 16. Count unchanged. Updated chart for recent prices.
Was expecting some kind of retracement to around $180… still didn’t happen… trajectory is creeping towards $211… did the market expecting a good Christmas quarter or got winds of an impending for sale of Vision Pro?

$3/mo x how many millions of subscribers?