AAPL and Apple

An observer noted…

Views of typical no profit asset-light high growth investors who didn’t believe in asset-heavy matured companies…

Essentially saying market is wrong and they are right.

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Crazy bullish count…


Because Huawei and Xiaomei pushing into premium segment? Why are they doing so? Perhaps, expecting good demand in the future… an expanding pie. Every handset manufacturers could gain in revenue :man_shrugging:t3:

“If you’re looking for vision, innovation and growth, you don’t hire Tim Cook,” he said, arguing that Apple’s shrinking sales are proof that Cook wasn’t the right successor to Jobs.

Parroting what is the current view of the non-investors is why you have sold in 1997. Investing is about the future, not about the past (4 quarters). Market knows this and is not letting go of AAPL… installed base is growing, iPhone is selling well, services are growing, Apple presence in healthcare and FinTech is growing, Vision Pro is coming, Car is lurking somewhere.

“If I hadn’t sold, those 300 shares (with all the stock splits) would have turned into 33,600 shares today,” Gioia said in a X post on Sunday. “At today’s share price, my investment would be worth $6.4 million — which is about 700 times what I sold them for. Sigh!”

Since TC became CEO…

In August 2011, when Cook was named Apple CEO the company’s share price was under $13 dollars—now it stands at more than 14 times that at $191.45, up 53% this year alone.
Source: https://stocks.apple.com/AsImASSCoRreFVkdZNGJlbw


Below is…

…an update to the…

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Retrace below $186.50 is wave 2.
Didn’t go that low is wave iv.

“Our recent Asia supply chain checks remain very firm for Apple’s iPhone 15 into an important holiday season with particular strength in the China region despite all the negative bear noise a few months ago,” he wrote in a note released Friday.


Ignore those non-investors. Their bear thesis has been wrong yet they keep repeating them as if that will make it happen.

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It also references this article which is important for Apple doomers:

If we are through the smart phone bear market, then Apple revenue is going to start growing again.

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Didn’t retrace below $186.50 so was in wave iv. Now in wave 1.v :). Making a new ATH would be good. Previous ATH is $197.70.

Possibly due to good news…