AAPL and Apple

Still waiting for @manch to give us an objective bullet-proof deep analysis of current challenges faced by Apple…

EWT: Nothing much has changed.
No need to debate with idiots. Too terrifying.

Dec 2023.

Hardcore PC fans think Mac is cool.

Research paper: ReALM: Reference Resolution As Language Modeling

The iPhone maker has been working on AI research for more than a decade, with much of it hidden away inside apps or services. It wasn’t until the release of the most recent cohort of MacBooks that Apple started to use the letters AI in its marketing — that will only increase.

A lot of the research has focused on ways to run AI models locally, without relying on sending large amounts of data to be processed in the cloud. This is both essential to keep the cost of running AI applications down as well as meeting Apple’s strict privacy requirements.

AAPL investors knew that for ages… non-AAPL investors don’t know yet claim they have been following Apple for decades :man_shrugging:

Yet another Bloomberg rumor… wait… how come I am the one who is posting this?
Apple Explores Home Robotics

Engineers at Apple have been exploring a mobile robot that can follow users around their homes…

Have been is how long ago? A decade ago or recently?

Use common sense.

Self driving is easier. Roads are a more rigid environment with clear rules. And Apple was unable to make it work after 10 years of trying.

But just like the Tesla cult pivoted to robots recently, it looks like the Apple cult is making a similar pivot.


??? How come FSD is not here?

However, drivers and pedestrians don’t follow them frequently. Weather conditions are ever-changing. Roads are not always in best conditions.

Let me highlight the keyword below:

  1. Easier != Easy.
  2. If a company can’t solve an easier problem, no hope it can solve a harder problem.
  3. Waymo self driving is widely available in Bay Area. Try it out next time you are in town.

You don’t know what is the definition and criteria used by Apple for self-driving. Btw, what is your criteria for qualifying a software as self-driving? Also, we don’t know why they quit doing (ofc, assuming is not a rumor)… finance, technology, can’t do better than TSLA and BYD, small TAM, low margin, don’t have a multi-decade demand, … I won’t bother to guess.


Definition of ease is according to you… may not be true. I am not arrogant enough to assume I am that good.

Ease, easier, easy… are subjective words. Anyhoo, I don’t like to use such words. What may be easy for me, may not be for you. What is easy for you, may not be for me. Not fruitful to use such subjective words.

What is their definition of self-driving?


Apple didn’t say anything. More like Bloomberg running out of rumors to report… “have been” could have been very long ago… Robotics have been R&D by mega caps for a long long long time.

Err… like the car drives itself without a human driver?

You don’t need to mince and dice words just to make it fit your Apple cult religion.

Here’s again we see the double standard at work. If a piece of news/rumor fits the agenda, you accept it as full truth without question. But if it doesn’t fit, you raise the bar sky high and go to absurd length like questioning whether Waymo cars are self driving.

MeetKevin is bullish on AAPL going forward.

Ofc, he could be biased since he owned tons of AAPL, no MSFT and no TSLA. He owns NVDA.

In all road conditions, all kind of weather conditions, all kind of traffic (including pedestrians) conditions, … or only under ideal conditions as specified by manufacturers?

Waymo’s robotaxis are authorized to operate in San Francisco at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour (mph) in rain, fog, and inclement weather. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulates robotaxi services in the state, and has approved Waymo’s expansion to carry passengers on local roads and freeways. Waymo’s system is designed so each vehicle operates only within pre-mapped zones under certain conditions. Passengers cannot select a destination outside of Waymo’s approved geography, and its software will not create a route that travels outside of a “geo-fenced” area.

Conclusion is…

:roll_eyes: Limited market.

The same propaganda line used by Elon fanboys.

But operating successfully in limited markets, and then roll out to more and broader conditions is how real progress is made. Tesla’s “everything, everywhere, all at once” is not a sound engineering approach. That explains why it’s stuck at L2 despite Elon promising “it’s coming this year” every year since 2016.

Waymo just got permit to drive on freeways:

In March 2024, California regulators gave Waymo permission to charge for driverless rides on freeways in the Bay Area and parts of Los Angeles, including San Francisco. Waymo has previously tested autonomous robotaxis on freeways in San Francisco with a safety driver.

Engineering? “Limited market” refers to business approach. Anyhoo, we don’t know until many years later what approach is the better business approach. So far, TSLA makes $$$, Elon Musk became the richest man in the world and early TSLA investors became multi-millionaires. A company that want to come out with the perfect self driving car that can operate in all kind of weather conditions, all kind of traffic conditions and all kind of pedestrian behavior have not released a product. A company that come out with a self driving under certain ideal conditions can only operate in a tiny geographical region and make no money.