These steps would have been expected from a Bernie or Warren. Frankly, I’m stunned to see how left Biden has gone so quickly. Even nytimes mentions today how left Biden has gone from being a Centrist.

It’s just 3 months into his Presidency. Hold on to your seats we have at least another 21 months before he might be stop(if senate or house majority is lost by the Democrats).

Looks like the SF residents have realized their woke agenda hasn’t helped them against crime and want Chesa Boudin recalled. People only realize their folly once effects hit them directly. Thankfully, no serious Rent control or defund the police woke movements YET in my city.

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Agree. He is saying there’s a lot wrong with the extremist wing (Trumpian) wing of the Republican Party. And he’s right.

Mr. Bennett said. “Joe Biden is dealing with a seditious, anti-democratic set of lunatics. You can’t deal with people who voted to overturn the election. You simply cannot, even if you’re a moderate.”

He is clueless. extremist wing of republican party is not removing 1031. So are others who are suggesting this.

One side is a bunch of lunatic insurgents hell bent on destroying American democracy. The other side merely asks for a bit more tax dollars.

I know which side I will vote for.

Get rid of those lunatics first and only then can we talk.


The capitol incident happened after the Presidential results were declared. Everybody know that the people who are blaming the capitol protests for their voting decision, which side they had voted prior in the Presidential polls. So, bringing the capitol incident as a reason to choose a Political party or a Candidate is a red herring in the best case.

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Really? He literally campaigned on doing all these things. No one was paying attention. All they cared about was that he wasn’t Trump. What is surprising is how fast moderate democrats are turning against him.

  1. In the short term-Once things hit one’s own pocketbooks, the ideology is kicked out of the window for most_people/non ideologues, unless one is a career politician such as Nancy Pelosi, Newsom, Biden. I remember a member of this forum was most anti Republican, till his own kids couldn’t get into good schools in his school district is SF(but illegal immigrant kids could)
  2. In the long term - People who can think long term decide on who to vote for based on the issues what will hit them negatively in 10 years or more, like crime in SF, raising of taxes in the future due to democrat supported unskilled illegal immigration etc.
  3. Politicians on both sides are very skillful to divide/confuse their supporters/opponents on issues, so that the voters forget their core issues which will hit them negatively the most.
  4. Whether anybody likes/agrees with him or not, Trump is the first President in my living memory who did what he claimed when he ran(& that proves he is not a career politician unlike the rest).
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Nobody liked Biden. He was just the least bad candidate. We had to exorcise the orange monster before we could get back to rational governing.

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Before the election there were already plenty of hints. Remember how Trump was repeated asked whether there will be peaceful transfer of power and what did he say? “We will see”.

Now that we have all seen what are the excuses to vote for that party again?

I like the hero complex and the sense of martyrdom expressed above. A cute rationalization of adverse selection : " I took all miseries and sufferings upon myself (and gave the same to others) so that the world could be saved from a orange monster".

The issue is there are a LOT of voters with very low education levels. They constantly vote for policies that harm them in the long-term, because they can’t think past the immediate impact being sold to them. Then you have the smart people who for whatever reason have tremendous guilt over their success, and they vote for the same policies. That way they can feel they are doing something to help. They aren’t engaged enough to pay attention to the results of the policies. They only care about washing away their guilt. Those two groups make up an unbeatable voting majority in most big cities.

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There is a 3rd group, smart, but play this game to help themselves while publicly saying they are doing it for humanity.

For eg. businesses who would gain by employing illegal unskilled immigrants/newly_pardoned_illegal immigrants and keeping wages low. They know that the government will subsidize them by food stamps, free education for the kids etc. They understand all the backend realities of the woke and BLM game but as long as they themselves profit how does it matter for the rest?

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Those people are scum.

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There are plenty of example to show that these smart people are victim of ability of mind to create delusions.

I realize the Democrats are hopeless. But Biden could help with the high cost of housing by eliminating the Trump lumber tariffs.

Putin is alot more sophisticated leader than simple statements that he gives most of the time. he is a Russian version of Elon Musk. he will hype shortage of everything that he control.

if people believe printing money is economic growth and allow mindless money printing , they will be never be able to catch up with rising prices. Their savings will loose value and income will not keep pace with rate of money printing. So, all these talk of tariffs and regulation means very little in a big scheme of things.


Work for many decades :slight_smile: so long there are sweatshops who exchange their labor for IOUs. The problem USA faced now is… number of sweatshops have been shrinking… the biggest sweatshop no longer want to be…

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Biden is a shrewd old man who has spent years in Congress. this proposal is a bone to the crazy liberals/progressives and the Bernie/Warren voters. He knows it won’t pass. But this is basic bargaining. Start at one end and meet in the middle. At the end, there will be a more balanced bill otw the R’s will lose more ground.

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