Altcoin(s) for the week


i see it reaching to 5b soon. there’ll be 10-15% daily corrections probably though. like it happened just couple hours ago.


Ok, If VEN reaches 5BN, I will buy you the most expensive chick fil A


nice. this is the second chick fila i am getting.
Let’s set a time horizon, though, i don’t want to leave you hanging. My guess is by april (but most likely early march). too far?


Thats aaaawfully long in crypto world. Isnt it? Last I sold my BTC was 2 mos ago, but may be feels like 2 years.


Alright. i am not adjusting my guesstimate. My hope is before march, but you know the whole market is not moving up (except ven). I am very hopeful in short time we will be up, but can’t guarantee.


Also How do i buy bismuth? or others that are not on binance? Buy and store in MEW?


Weird. looks like trading has halted hahah, but github seems active still.

Bismuth is not a token you can store in MEW, so you either keep it on exchange or download their wallet from their site.

PIVX just pumped 60%, I think it has potential, and interestingly they have a female developer. We need more females in STEM/CS, so i watch this coin for this if nothing else.


So what’s the altcoin for this week :sunglasses:


Flushed down and away. Exchange coins to houses now


Just curious if the crypto-investors here were able to move USD out of exchanges without any issues? One of the concerns I had was exchanges putting a limit on amount of USD allowed to be transferred back to checking account in case of a crash?


Crypto crash is bad, but stock market crash would be much more impactful. We need to watch stocks closely


Stock talk is for all those other threads. Let’s talk altcoins here :wink:


I mined some xdag, and bought some f0me.
Still keeping what i mentioned before.


The exchanges have limits today as well, but I don’t think it’s really much of an issue unless you made like 20M on bitcoin and are trying to cash out.

I bought some XSPEC recently, hoping for a moonshot once they get their marketing on track :slight_smile:


I heard spectre was scam. Their github repo activity looks dull. Are you sure?


That’s how you get it for a good price. FUD about it being a scam. The devs are very active on the discord. They are making stealth addresses default in q2.


lol. ok you bought into dev promises. it’s fine, since we are all in this with play money :slight_smile:


The tech is solid, they just have crap for marketing - anyways it’s cheap and low circulation ~21M.


most/all of their recent git commits are pretty much updating dependencies and stuff - to be honest i don’t see much development that’s meaty.


Are they all written in C++?