Amazing Amazon



I should also be a fund manager. He’s only up 25% but I’m up 35!!! Better track record! Ok people, time to hand over your hard earned money for me to invest. I charge a very reasonable rate of 1% :rofl:


Anecdotally, I have found that successful fund managers hang out in dubious places like strip clubs. Since you have never gone to one, I would be very reluctant to let you handle one red cent of my moolo…:grinning:


I watch free porn at home. More cost effective than strip clubs!!! :rofl:

Amazon HQ2

One must learn to withhold monies from gorgeous females on the fly (most difficult)… it is called work experience. free porn does not cut it. Next!!!


Well obviously you failed at that because you sugar daddied your wife… :laughing:

Amazon HQ2

The arrangement works because the stockpile that my wife pulls in from work then works as our go to fund for additional investments, retirement, etc. Girl is not getting off scott free…and she knows it. Keep in mind that my wife works and cooks for me. That is priceless…(which I will miss sorely in December).


Why dont you do crowd sourcing for your flips? I’m happy to take 35% with 1% fee. Yes!


I charge clients a 33 1/3% commission. Very reasonable rate considering 50% is the standard.


Yes, Kohl’s, drink the Kool-Aid that is from the Mighty Amazon…driiiiiiiink…


Go Concord!



Cool, so where’s Amazon HQ3???


That’s why I think HQ2 should have direct flights to Asia if not India and China specifically. After losing China, India is must-win for Bezos.


India is not as valuable. Impoverished country with little upside. You lost China you lose big.



I can agree with that. My brother is a contractor and increasingly he has been ordering more from Amazon and less from Home Depot and other retailers. It’s hard to say no to the 2-day shipping and competitive prices.


Really? Even for bulky or large items?