Amazing Amazon




I thought the strategy was to lower prices at WF so shouldn’t that have maintained or increased foot traffic? Granted, I don’t go to WF so I wouldn’t know how that is different really from a Safeway or a Lucky’s.


Lately he has bought a bunch of LED recessed light housing kits, bathroom exhaust fans, a utility sink, and some drills. We share the same Amazon account so I can see what he’s buying. :grin:


Oh, interesting. What kind of bathroom exhaust fans? I thought everyone uses Panasonic whisper fans…:laughing:


Yup, all Panasonic.


Wow, that much cheaper than even from the local chinese places?


I don’t know about pricing but he frequents the Chinese places often as well. Perhaps it’s just more convenient for him to get it shipped directly.


I believe I paid about the same or maybe a bit more for a similar model but keep in mind I probably needed it there and then. The thing is, I have a regular job so when things come up at the properties that means I have to do them during the weekends or have my handymen do them and they are not necessarily free all the time too. For sure, if I can plan it out ahead of time Amazon sounds like a great option.



WS thinks Amazon has found a way to out-maneuvre the smartphone paradigm at home :slight_smile:
Apple has moved too slowly with Siri… take so long to come up with AirPods and HomePods…
Suddenly the fight is now in the home??? Smartphone is only used at home? Can Echo follows us outside?


Alexa can easily be an app on iPhone. Siri is pretty useless. People only use it as a joke, because of how bad the responses are. I don’t get how Siri is so bad, and Apple hasn’t done anything about it.


Has you been using Siri lately? Just want to know whether your experience is few years or few months or few weeks or few days old :slight_smile:

Software companies are following Steve Jobs’ opinion that “people who are really serious about software should make their own hardware” (Alan Kay’s quote).

Frankly, I can’t comprehend why WS is so excited about Echo. AirPods are ultra mobile :slight_smile: , combo with Apple Watch (or any iOS devices), you can give voice commands to any IoTs anywhere and anytime.


I tried to use it when I first moved to Seattle. It was completely incompetent at getting me directions to places. It automatically wants to give you the closest business with a name close to what you said. You can’t even say business name on xyz street. It’s too dumb to realize what you’re trying to do. That’s pretty basic stuff that it fails badly. Using Siri just results in profanity and me wanting to throw my phone.


That would be 3 years ago?


February of this year. It was utter garbage.


That would be 7+ months ago.

You might want to test Siri again, Siri is better in iOS 11

Apple says it doesn’t care about seeing its users’ data, so all the inference is done locally on an iPad or iPhone. That may be the Achilles heel of Siri in some regards. While it can gain skills, it’s limited to the data on your device — a pro for folks who are worried about security, but a con for those who want a smarter voice assistant…


I’d consider myself skeptical. It’s been around for how many years now without significant improvement? Maps hasn’t gotten a lot better either. I honestly don’t know anyone that uses Apple maps over Google. Waze was popular then Google bought them.


if all you wanted was directions you should have used Waze.


Guess you mean you don’t know me in real life :grin: Has always used Apple maps. And Siri occasionally because I don’t talk much, ask wuqijun who talks a lot.