Amazing Amazon


Broccoli is so Safeway. How about kale? Organic of course.

The news sent stocks of rival grocers sharply lower in afternoon trade. Kroger Co. stock KR, -7.45% tumbled 6%, Costco Wholesale Corp. COST, -4.08% fell 3.8%, Sprouts Farmers Markets Inc. SFM, -7.02% was down 3.6% and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. WMT, -1.65% fell 2%. Supervalu Inc. shares SVU, -6.09% slid 6.4%.


It is and one of the only green veggies I will eat… no kale for me


How about price cuts on those $10 milk tea ice cream at Whole Foods…maybe then I will finally shop there.




One of my friends bought several pints of those and I thought that was nuts. I don’t think I ever bought anything from Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s is the way to go.


I suppose it could be worst…Marco Polo on Taraval has real supposedly durian ice cream by the pint. If I remember correctly I paid something like $10 to $20 for a PINT!!! What can I do? Mother inlaw was here during that time for our wedding…


Amazon buying Whole Foods is freaking genius. Alibaba already operated some supermarkets in china and are much more high tech than anything in the US. Watch this space.


While I like the idea of efficiencies, I hope my local Safeway is not going to be impacted down the line. If that ever went away, I would think my Sunset house takes a what 10-15% shave for that alone??? Sorry, wifey is expensive…


I never go to Whole Foods…My impression is it attracts single millienlials that like its overpriced takeout meals and its organic health food branding. …Trader Joes is a much better business model.
My friend Jim Draeger…Yeah his family owns Draegers says Whole Foods is non union and that is their “special sauce” Otherwise Draegers is better and has higher quality and much better snob appeal…


Ok, Fearless Leader, which side are you on???


Finally another place to go read some free books while getting a coffee break again… :rofl:


If those independent bookstores still survive after all these years of being Amazon’ed I don’t think they have anything to fear…


Ok, let’s watch You’ve Got Mail play out in the real world…


For those bookstores that have good looking people like Meg Ryan? Absolutely nothing to worry about.



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Wow, cool…