Amazing Amazon


Internet services takes completely different skills than hardware. For hardware you have one chance to make it right. So teams plan long ahead, test like crazy and release products as close to perfect as possible. For internet services, it’s the other way around. You release the MVP, learn from users and constantly iterate.

That’s the root cause why Apple sucks at internet service.


Is it possible to decouple software development from hardware development very loosely in an integrated platform company? That is, is it possible to allow software teams to shoot like cowboys, let users complain and scramble to fit the issues accordingly while the hardware teams follow a strictly old fashioned waterfall methodology.

Also, almost every software companies paid their SWEs more than Apple… I heard easily 30% more… correct me, anyone. Apple can’t really pay that high because of the need to harmonize the pay amongst its employees. Is a compensation issue with an integrated hardware and software platform company that need to be carefully balanced.


What next, Bezos???



Oh Amazon, come on in…


Walmart is doing the same with putting groceries directly in your fridge.


And we wonder why we are getting fat…too easy now



Will Amazon rock our world tomorrow???


Now, you can see why the hatred towards Amazon from the liar in the white house. On one side, environmental worries, on the other hand, poisoning our world.



Don’t mess with Bezos!!


Look at googl too, gone up


See, Bezos, why settle for some puny cow town for HQ2??? The Bay is calling…


Oh my God…correction, Oh my Bezos!!!


CVS just upped their game by buying Aetna. It’s Amazon vs the world at this point… except China.

Bezos will most likely take the world’s richest crown from Gates tomorrow.




I bet the Feds will break up Amazon within 5 years…Just like Standard Oil 100 years ago.

Anti trust laws are powerful. …


Microsoft wasn’t split. Every time when a company becomes very big, we hear alarmists. Same thing I hear of MSFT, DELL and INTC. Nowadays is not that easy to dominate for long.


Amzn could be a better stock than AAPL, load it up during any dip!