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Many of what you’ve said are already been done in Singapore :grin: Is driven by government.

That’s could be the future but is not the current focus. Possibilities are not the same as what AMZN has in mind. Can also be said that Apple has that in mind… no point talking about possibilities and pivoting.


Agreed! I am sure your employer has a Wellness program like mine do. I get a discount on my medical coverage cost and more vacation time if I finish a round or two of whatever Wellness activity I choose. This is the kind of stuff that we should require on a national level.


We don’t. My last employer gave us a discount if we got our BP and cholesterol checked. We didn’t even have to hit a certain score for the discount. It was to increase awareness of it before it turns into a chronic illness.

@hanera Do you really think AAPL and AMZN are thinking in terms of maintaining status quo? They’re only going to enter if they can disrupt the space. They are focused on where to be in the future not where to be today.




I doubt if would be legal to see an LPN for doctor visits, but you could see a nurse practitioner. It would save a lot of money. If you signed up for Kaiser you would eliminate a lot of your problems with long waits. The administrative side is much better too. You have a medical record number and any doctor or therapist you go to can pull up your records right away.


I suppose some companies are already doing it, but I am thinking something along a portable medical record that is safe and unhackable is something perhaps Bezos is thinking about. Yes, if you have Kaiser, you are in its database, but what if you are non Kaiser?


Kaiser has good appointment availability? A lot of primary care doctors have a 2+ week wait to get an appointment. Specialists wait times can be even longer.

I don’t like the idea of having to see a primary to get a referral. It’s a waste of time to see a primary first, and it just adds to the overall wait time before seeing a specialist. When I had a knee issue, my primary didn’t think I needed a MRI. I went to him first, since I usually get a physical and blood work once a year and was due for that. If I had Kaiser, I’d have been screwed. Instead, I was able to research and find the exact doctor I needed.


What can I say, Kaiser is typically the lowest cost plan offered for a reason. I don’t pull punches (my bro-inlaw is a surgeon there)…


I have never had to wait more than a couple of days for a doctor appointment with kaiser. As for a specialist, you can email your doctor and tell him who you need to see. They have a policy that the doctor must answer the email within 24 hours. Once when I was going through chemo I went to the doctor with an infected toe. He called up a a specialist and made an appointment 45 minutes later for me to be seen in the podiatry department. They even do MRIs on Sunday.


American healthcare problems can’t be addressed by tech. They’re mostly policy issues.


I think a huge amount of it is awareness too. Tech can have a huge role there. Look at what FitBit and others have done in terms of making people aware of how much they move. We could get even better with real-time blood sugar monitoring and a host of other things.

Also, I wouldn’t call it policy issues. Americans just choose to be very unhealthy. Our obesity rates and chronic illness rates are sky high compared to other countries. That’s going to drive spending. 40-50% of the spending is on preventable chronic illness.


Have always thought Americans are very health-conscious.
Organic food.
Fat Free.
Sugar free.
Cholesterol free.
Sport channels are very popular.
Rumba/ Rhumba is popular.
Aerobic is popular.

How come they become obese?


Until recently, McDonald’s was the #1 “restaurant”. Most restaurants serve meals that are a full day of calories. People think those are normal “portions” and cook the same at home.

The biggest factor was the low fat movement. It’s literally when America started to become obese. People thought sugar consumption was fine, and it’s not. Sugar causes way more obesity than fat consumption. We have 2 generations of people that were raised to eat incorrectly. Also, sugar free is usually bad. It causes the body to mimic the response to sugar.

Breakfast is the most important meal is also TERRIBLE advice. When we wake up, our cortisol levels are elevated for about 2 hours. If you eat anything that spikes your insulin during that time, then your body will store the calories as fast. If you do eat breakfast, you should avoid anything that’ll cause a spike in insulin. The ideal breakfast is actually coffee, MCT oil or butter, and a scoop of protein powder. It’s best to eat foods that cause an insulin spike directly after exercise. The sugar is used to replenish glycogen used during exercise. They won’t teach any of this in school.


Because “you” parents baby your kids. You drive them to and from school. You prefer that they study their arses off or do lame things like piano lessons instead of exercise and team sports. Parents are stressed and many are both working so meals are often times fast food-ish like pizza or KFC.


that’s why I always drink Coke or Pepsi after exercise. :rofl:


IMO, Those who do not follow all of these (almost most of these )falls into obese!


Come on, someone has to pay for HQ2…




Netflix keeps hiking the price too. Stock analysts always panic that it’ll cause a big loss in subscribers, but it never does.

The Amazon price increase is only if you choose to pay monthly. You can still pay $99 for the full year. A lot of subscriptions work that way. They know the risk of trying it for a month and quitting is pretty high, so they make it a deal for an entire year. That gives them more time to suck you into using it regularly, so you value it. I guarantee Amazon knows the difference in renewal rate of monthly vs. annual.


First let you experience the delicious prime via low monthly.
Then compel you to go annual.
Once sufficient number in, raise annual, propose cheaper bi- or tri- annual lower teasing rates.


Kaiser has good availability, but might not be with your own doc. Meaning if you want to see someone tomorrow, you can, but your doc might not be on the schedule until Wednesday.

I bet that you can send an email and a picture for some references like dermatology.

We have gotten pretty much everything we’ve asked for. But I do know some people have not had such good experiences.