Amazing Amazon



The amazing AMZN runs Mechanical Turk where it takes a cut of 20%.

Many of these efforts to improve workers’ experiences have their limits. To sign up for Dynamo, for instance, workers had to complete a HIT and get a certain code, but Amazon closed the requester account that created those HITs

Erica told me that many of the plugins she had downloaded to find high-quality HITs are not compatible with a recent update Amazon made to Mechanical Turk’s website, one reason she’s making less money than she used to.

But for one segment of the labor market—less-educated workers in depressed areas—there is no economic boom.

More and more workers will continue performing grueling work for pennies—much like Americans did a century ago—with no way out.


Sadly, I’m not surprised. The gig economy pays terrible for the vast majority of people.





Here come the Chinese, the acid test that you want!


Liu wants to sell to the Chinese people in US. I don’t think taking on Amazon directly at its home turf is wise. But if he’s only after the Chinese people here then sure.

JD is my 10x ticket. I wish him nothing but success.

BTW there is a Great War in China between Tencent and Alibaba. Pony Ma is making so many deals it’s amazing. While Jack Ma is out in Davos schmoozing with celebrities.


You like JD over Tencent as a stock investment? Is it because JD is just much smaller so they have a longer run way for growth?


I like Tencent much more. More than alibaba and even Facebook. But it’s very big already. Can’t go 10x. JD has a chance to.


We Stole Tampons from the Cashier-less Amazon Go Store


I always thought Tencent was a rapper. Like 50cent…



Funny AF.


It’s the new trend:


That would explain how Elon managed to sell out his flame thrower…


Really funny ad. Good one Jeff. Now go back and make me more money!!


He’s the discount version.


That was really odd.



Not good…