Amazing Amazon




Uh, oh, what is going on up there @marcus335???


“As part of our annual planning process, we are making headcount adjustments across the company – small reductions in a couple of places and aggressive hiring in many others," the company said in an emailed statement. "For affected employees, we work to find roles in the areas where we are hiring.”

That makes me wonder if it’s low performers. From what I’ve seen, people don’t get laid off if their project is cut. They just move within the company. It encourages people to join high risk projects without fear of losing their job if the project doesn’t work.

I do expect some big changes this year based on some public announcements which haven’t been fully digested internally.



Stop it, Jeff!!!


Maybe it’s that landlord that installed a camera in the shower?


Look at how bias this is
If this is taobao, these article will say alibaba is pumping up sales and revenue by sending packages to stranger
now amazon is oh, we don’t know how to stop them from sending.
it is jeff bezos trying to pump his amazon sales up by sending sex toys, whatever to stranger.
There you go, be fair


Come on @dioworld, would you like it if something long, dark and stiff showed up on your doorstep???


Sure, if resellable. i don’t mind reselling it for a profit…


People notified get 60 days to find a new role within the company.






Amazon is a drug dealer now…


Not a fan of the Apple Watch either, eh, Jeff???



Leave us alone, Jeff!!!


Wells Fargo