Amazing Amazon




Bezos walking his dog.

Which one is the terminator?


$100b should be able to buy a more stylish outfit. The guy dresses like a 12 year old. Does not even tuck in his baggy shirt.


Amazing what one can do without selling AR15s, eh, Mr. Seattle???


Hardly anyone tucks in their shirt anymore. There are companies that specialize in shirts that are made to wear untucked. Tech has killed the day of having to wear a suit to work to impress people.


Yeah we all know about the Seattle grunge look…I think Bozo needs a queer eye for the straight guy makeover…lol

Here is his new look.




When third parties sell on Amazon, sales tax isn’t collected. It’s up to the third party to submit it and comply with sales tax laws. Amazon collects and pays sales tax on all transactions with Amazon.


I can see why there was confusion. The house looks like an apartment complex. That said, the moment they were in, they should’ve dropped the package by the doorway and left.


We have, again, an ignorant president mumbling jumbling crap just to make his supporters feel alive, while he sinks the economy.


Ha! Jeff Bezos for president?


Hey, leave me alone, you big bully!!!


A Retail Bully


If the USPS can’t price its services correctly, that’s more their fault. They have union employees and can’t fire people. The fixed costs of running USPS are insanely high. I bet if you took away Amazon’s volume, then they’d lose even more money per year. They wouldn’t be able to adjust their fixed costs to account for the lower volume. They couldn’t be able to layoff employees and close offices.

USPS is a mess though and needs an overhaul.

The local taxes part is interesting. Amazon does collect and pay the state/local sales taxes. However, Amazon is shipping from other locations. Amazon typically isn’t paying property taxes in the counties most of the sales are. The bay area is largely served from Tracy, so Amazon can sell products to the rich bay area counties without paying crazy property taxes to them.



How much tax did trump pay? Not sure he paid much.


The real question is how much alimony or settlement money Melania is going to get. She will divorce him at some point. I am making the call!!!



Company decides what’s the best way to handle cleaning needs, contractor or employee, based on its own needs. No political pressure.