Amazing Amazon


Forte is really smooth. People rate your top 3 and bottom 3 leadership principles. Then they get 60 words on your biggest strength and 60 words on your biggest area for improvement. It’s way more streamlined than any review system I’ve seen, and the feedback is far more useful.


Is it stressful to work for Amazon? I heard that many employees don’t stay long.


The Trumpovich supporters seem to be either illiterate, or play dumb to the stupidity coming out of that vulgar mouth of the wife 4+ times cheater.


It’s less stressful than Apple. We do hire quite a bit from non-tech companies. I could see for those people how it’s a huge increase in pace and stress level.


Is Amazon really a hitech company. Or just a mail order business with tech trappings. Like as much as Elon bullshits, Tesla is just a car company with some cool high tech gadgets. Same as Uber a taxi company with cool apps…


There’s a ton of tech and AI behind it all. Some of it is scrappy prototype until a full production quality solution is made. I recently built a model that I’m condiment no other retailer has. Now it’ll go to a team that’ll automate what the 100 people using the model do with it.


Amazon is high tech. Simply adjusting how things are displayed can mean $1M increased sales. There’s a lot of software engineers working on ranking, search, and the interface to do that.


Your perception of hi-tech are tech companies that sell you :slight_smile: like FB and GOOG.


Is hi-tech really worth the premium or is it just rearranged deck chairs on the Titantic…How can sending out individual packages compete with truck loads to Wall Mart where the customers do all the work of shopping and carrying home the packages?
What is the cost of all the returns…My wife returns have the crap she buys…doesn’t that triple the shipping costs?


Many smaller and traditional companies who don’t understand this and move to online, lost tons of money :slight_smile: AMZN has a certain system… they know what they are doing.


FB and Google just push information and sell ads…Very little overhead…Tesla, Uber, Amazon are ACTUALLY doing real world shit with real world labor costs…Their tech advantage won’t last long. Soon they will have the same low profits of old companies like Sears, GM and yellow cab


If you don’t have a good reason, Amazon charges you for the shipping. Also, Amazon might charge you $6, but they pay only $1 or so to ship a package.


Did you just outline the bear case for Shopify?


Oh, forgot a phrase, “except when they use Shopify” :slight_smile:


It should be bull case for shopify as they use their platform instead of building one and fIl.


Netflix uses AWS. Is Amazon spending billions on video content bullish or bearish for Netflix?


Amazon would be difficult to duplicate. A huge cost is the last mile delivery to customers. Amazon has warehouses just outside every metro area to minimize that cost. If another company tried to serve the whole country with a half dozen regional warehouses, the last mile shipping costs would be much higher than Amazon’s. The cost of shipping full truckloads from warehouse to warehouse is pennies on the dollar compared to last mile delivery. There’s no way someone could compete on cost without building a similar network which would cost billions.

Then there’s the advantage of all the tech to run the warehouses. It’s tech that tells you if something is regular delivery, 2-day prime, next-day prime, or same-day prime. It’s tech that determines which warehouse the order is shipped from including multiple warehouses. The whole selection isn’t in every warehouse. There’s tech that says which selection should be in which warehouse. That’s not counting the robotics.


Does Amazon make money? Or are they just buying market share?


Amazon makes money.


The finally made money last year

But Wall Mart makes more than ten times more. And has ten times the gross revenue.