Amazing Amazon


You mean, my one and only Amazon purchase recently didn’t do wonders for the bottom line???:grinning:


It’s up $60 anyway. It’s not as bad as feared


See, go on with your life. We good.



The Seattle tech giant on Thursday reported earnings-per-share of $5.07, higher than analysts’ expectations of $2.49 per share.

That’s all? So lukewarm. Won’t be surprised 2mrw open down.



Doubling estimates by folks who regularly crunch the numbers is saying something, no???


I’m referring to the market response. Market doesn’t think much of the doubling eps.



Amazon is playing some 3 dimensional chess here. Why movie theaters?


To show people they can make moviepass succeed. Bezos’ ego.


Free movies for prime members.


At this rate, Bezos will soon be worth $200B.




Amazon will grow to 5T and bezos the first trillionaire in human history. :rocket:


Indirect wish that you would be an UHNWI😄


I need to read Bezos’ annual shareholder letters. He has been writing it since Year 1. Companies whose founders write yearly letters usually have good things come to them, like Berkshire.

Of all the tech companies today Amazon is the most adaptable one. It’s not afraid to try everything and does many things.


Mercedes-Benz Vans opens new Sprinter plant in North Charleston - Amazon becomes the world’s largest Sprinter customer


The unintended consequences could be huge. It’ll never pass unless democrats control the house, senate, and presidency.


Bernie is not a democrat. Not a mainstream one anyway.