Amazing Amazon


Perhaps I’m an anomaly, but I don’t really shop at Amazon (maybe only once a year to buy some random accessory, but never apparel/shoes).


I do not use Amazon for apparel/shoes, but shop Amazon for quality products from well known brands, say Nest Thermostat or used books or iphone covers or routers…etc

Amazon stands next to Costco & Home Depot in my credit card bills normally. If something is not available in Costco or Home depot, I used to search at Amazon to buy !

Prime free two day delivery is very handy !


Other than Amazon, where do you shop online?


Wifey is a serious online shopper (does lots of price compares, reads reviews, etc). Her main go to sites are:

Amazon and Walmart for home stuff, Google Express for Target and Costco stuff that we need quick deliveries on, Home Depot for general construction/repair material, Sears for appliances


For shoes/apparel, I usually compare prices across different web sites. I know exactly what I want to buy so the convenience of shopping everything on Amazon does not appeal to me (as I don’t make decisions on the fly nor do I make many purchases on Amazon to begin with). Their pricing is not the best either in those categories.


Coming near you…literally


Anyone has access to story???


Geez, is this gonna be a company paid holiday one day???


More on this…


Geez, $1B in sales from Prime Day…


60% growth Y-Y and bigger than Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


I know, I know, I need to drink the Kool-Aid…

Has it gotten to the point that Amazon can be a bully now? My god, granted more than a mere thought, just the idea that Big Bad Amazon might invade Zillow’s territory sends its stock down. You really don’t want to be a retailer today…


Amazon today is like Microsoft yesterday. Both from Seattle and seemingly conquering the entire universe…

What is with Seattle??? It must be the weather… :slight_smile:


Yup, there’s nothing else to do except work, so people work longer hours. Actually, people here leave at least an hour earlier than when I worked at Apple. Overall, I think we interact with Asia a lot less (except for some specific teams). We don’t need to stay late to get more overlap with them. At my last company, I had teams in Singapore and India to manage, so only having US people is much easier.

We do get 5 months a year where the weather is amazing. We’re in that now.


Do you think you would ever come back to the Bay?


I won’t say never. I have quite a ways to go before retirement. Part of the reason I kept my place was a hedge in case I do move back. I worked with too many people that lived in the bay area, sold their home when they moved away, and couldn’t afford to buy when they moved back.


Great move! Don’t ever sell anything in BA (unless it’s a flip) :slight_smile:


Bezos is shaking in his boots I’m sure about this “Amazon Killer”…


Amazon, what next? Maybe perfecting the best and cheapest hainanese chicken rice plate???


Nobody can compare the freeloader Walmart with Amazon. I don’t think Amazon sends its people to be taken care of by the government. I hope I am not wrong.