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One would think, yet my RWC sister is contemplating moving back. She loved it back there (Quincy, I believe) when the hubby was doing his medical schooling.


I may have to disown this sister…she said she would want her ashes to be scattered in Boston, not the Fab 7x7 or Bay Area… OMG!!!


Your sister is not Chinese enough…ash scattering…


Yeah. What’s up with ash scattering. :scream:


Well, semi correct in that she is a strong Christian and environmentally conscious. Truth to be told, the last two funerals I went to (and those folks are pretty chinese) they were cremated. I honestly believe it is the trend these days. I would consider it myself. I told my wife that maybe scatter my ashes in various, favorite places like Fab 7x7, Hawaii, Vegas, San Tung, UCLA and maybe a strip club. She said I wouldn’t have that much ashes…:laughing:


Cremation I understand. But not the scattering part.


All I know is, be careful when you sit down at San Tung after my demise…


With cremation at least you can keep the ashes in an urn. Ash scattering is absolutely banned in my books. In fact I had an uncle who died and another relative suggested to scatter his ashes. My dad and I strongly opposed to this and they ended up scrapping the idea.


Time to return to Mother Earth… what better way than that???


Scattering is so un-Chinese anyone who suggests that should be immediately disowned. With an urn your relatives and descendants can still pay “you” a visit. I know you are dead already right so why care? I think it’s more for the kids and later generations. It teaches them they are not some random individuals who just happened to be there. There is a bloodline and you need to pay respect to your forebears.


No kids remember? And let’s be honest, my bratty nephews and nieces will care less when they grow up. Reality…


It is a bit gross, but nothing is more environmentally friendly than that:


Now Chinese usually reserve tomb spaces so family stay together in after life so to speak. If yours is next to your parents your nieces and nephews will pay you a visit once a year.


Nope, my Dad is at Cypress Lawn and my mom one day will be resting beside him. Everyone else is probably going to be in different “neighborhoods”… I will literally be around…




Dang, I think I lost my appetite…


Look, I don’t even know that dead uncle of mine very well, but I was extremely against scattering his ashes. I am sure my grandma would not want to see her beloved son becoming fish feed. I agree with @manch that whoever suggests to scatter another person’s ashes need to be immediately disowned.


Being too particular about your remains after your death is too old-fashioned. I can care less. Don’t care if it’s a coffin, an urn, or nothing at all. You’re dead already. You can care less.


Goal achieved! I always try my best to prevent Americans from overeating. :rofl:


See, what’s the point of buying a shelf somewhere for your uncle’s urn when some niece of his ain’t coming to visit him anyway…