Amazon HQ2



I actually chipped in money for his shelf and I’d visit him when I am back in Asia, even though I barely know him. This is a way for me to pay respect for my grandma who I love dearly despite the fact that she died a long long time ago. Ash scattering is not the way to treat her children.


All right, you did good. See, you are marriage material… (Stop it, Dragonboy, stop it!!!)


I see you are dying to get some red envelope… :rofl:


Yeah, need to make more money after this new tax plan…


Yes, that is why everyone is buying the lotto ticket…


Wow, Bean Town wants it!!!


@Terri would know, but my understanding is the area Boston proposed is a dump.


LOL!!! A lot of Boston is built on landfill including MIT!


That’s fine because Boston area don’t have earthquake hazards…


Actually it does. It’s estimated that a serious earthquake in Boston could take out all of the brownstones and kill thousands of people.


True? I like Boston.


So looking at the map, it’s not a bad area, if I remember correctly. Very close to the airport–obviously that has pros and cons. Revere is no Palo Alto, but maybe a Daly City or San Bruno kind of area. With two T stops adjacent, that would be an excellent place for Amazon.

Amazon does or did have a software presence in Boston. I know they were looking at opening a engineering building there in 2012 or so. I don’t know what came of it. If that didn’t come to fruition at the time, this could be the fruits of those initial efforts.

I guess I haven’t really been watching, but does HQ mean software or corporate headquarters?



I bet it will be Atlanta


I know some of the Alexa software team is there.

It’ll be a lot of software, supply chain, logistics, finance, and everything that’s in Seattle.


Ok, you callers for Atlanta and Austin may be right…


OMG, @hanera is already to full of himself as is. If Austin won the bid I can only imagine how he’s going to throw his weight around… :rofl:


One of my co-workers is still in the process of moving his family out here from… Atlanta.

Philadelphia does have ads promoting the city on buses and light rail. I haven’t noticed ads for any other cities, but I’ve heard of others. Cities are supposedly spamming employees with ads on facebook too. It’s crazy how targeted ads can get based on how much personal info people reveal on facebook.


If it goes to Atlanta, time for me to invest back in my hometown :grin: