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I attended a Final Four in Atlanta years ago when the Bruins were in it. Pretty cool, laid back town…


Are there many Asians, good Chinese grocery and restaurants there?
From web, only 5% Asians, presumably even less Chinese.
Which neighborhoods are good?
Typical property tax rate?
Would a huge influx of Asians cause racial tensions?
After announcement, still got time :slight_smile:


Atlanta has been skyrocketing. I have a few props there. Was flat for awhile. Huge Asian population, especially Koreans all focused in the Northeast suburbs in the Duluth/Norcross area. But overall still lots of land to build so property values aren’t blasting off as much as say Bay area, but since you’re in Austin you probably understand that dynamic. Major gentrification intown happening. Lots of teardowns bought for 150-200k selling for near 1M in the desirable intown areas.


Absolutely… people didn’t call us “yellow peril” for nothing…


Hmmm, puuuuurfect spot for a San Tung outlet (call it San Tung Atlanta)… Love it!!!


Lots of bubble tea stores in downtown Atlanta these days. I checked out several when i was there a year back. They were all bad.


Downtown is definitely not the place for bubble tea hahaha. It’s all in the Northeast suburbs.


Ms. @harriet will object (of course) but is there honestly a better boba place than Wonderful in the Sunset??? It is called Wonderful for a reason, right???:grin:


NE suburb of Atlanta is not that cheap :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Blame the asians?


$1.8 mil get you a luxurious house :slight_smile: in Atlanta

Only a shack in Sunnyvale.


That maintenance must be a nightmare…


Bloomberg says Atlanta is second most unequal city in USA

a 2013 report by the Brookings Institution found that the households of Atlanta’s wealthiest residents raked in nearly 20 times more than the poorest.


The sad thing here is that the Atlanta house will sit on the market for 2 months and go 200k under ask and the Sunnyvale house will go 600k over ask yesterday.


Been observing something similar in St. Louis, though more like 5-10% under ask.

You just have to understand that on the way in–the area might not be a profit-maker, bid low.

Also, it’s a convention that’s unspoken probably. Here the convention is “On the market over 30 days, something is definitely wrong with it” so price low for a bidding war. There the convention is “Always ask more than you want and someone will give you what they’re willing to pay.”


Appreciation is a CA thing. Most areas depreciate. Very few beat the cost of maintenance and other costs of long term ownership. Hence the Shiller attitude towards the value of housing





Atlanta is getting a lot of buzz. Boston is more expensive than Seattle, so no. Austin is a logical choice, especially with Whole Foods there. I think the rest on the list don’t have a very big chance. I really think it’ll come down to Atlanta or Austin, or maybe I’m just hoping since both have better weather than Seattle.


Austin is resisting the greatly unfavorable demand from AMZN. Giving in is like letting Jeff be the boss of the mayor :slight_smile: And I would have to pay very high property tax to pay for the free stuffs to AMZN. I believe Austin has always been the top choice, the bidding show is started to pressurize Austin.