Amazon HQ2



Texas already has a very favorable tax and regulatory climate. For employees, there’s no state income tax (just like WA) and plenty of affordable housing.


I see you want to buy a 3000 sqft mansion or an older house with over 10,000 sqft lot for less than $350k :grinning:


And we’re here!!!




Ugh, I hope it’s not there. Why isn’t Hawaii an option?


Time for me to scout Boston :slight_smile: using robots :grinning:


I am still rooting for San Jose.


Forget this stupid Amazon h2 crap. Alibaba will set up its US base in Bay Area for sure. It could be bigger than Amzn h2!


Why do they even need a big US presence of HQ people? All they really need are warehouses. That’s the big danger if the next generation of tech is founded in China and/or India. They’ll create far fewer US jobs than US founded companies do.


Not if they want to expand their presence to US and compete with Amzn head to head. You don’t suppose Amazon will remain a monopoly forever? If no one in the US can take it down then maybe a foreign company will.


Nah alibaba is too smart to want to go head to head with Amazon at its home turf. They are butting heads in India and Southeast Asia instead.


What type of employees will they need in the US? I don’t think there are very many roles that’d have to be in the US for Alibaba to compete in the US.


India and SW Asia are baby steps. The real battle ground will be mainland USA.


India + se Asia will have 5 times US population. Not baby step but the real deal.


Look at GDP not population. They have more people but most are making peanuts. I don’t see their standard of living improve drastically anytime soon either.


They are in Waco…


Texas…same thing :grinning:


Bay Area not gonna happen.


That’s fine. We will make the next batch of startups that destroy amazon.


Hanera does not agree. He thinks Austin is different. Keep Austin Wierd…