Amazon HQ2





Don’t know what you’re talking about… can’t be bother to read past post to see what is the issue you two are talking about. I only believe in data and evidence. Not interested in generic theory/ principles, hypothesis and unsupported assertions.


Philly can rot for all I care. They are becoming a criminal run town. Their new DA is INSANE. He literally fired 31 homicide prosecutors and is more focused on investigating the police than criminals. He point blank said he will not prosecute if there wasn’t a search warrant for evidence. He doesn’t care if there was probably cause and the search was good. Criminals are basically free to do what they want now.


Come on, seriously???


I’m missing the reference…


Well, a lot of people probably by now actually find these guys annoying, so I was just playing that they are positive (when really not). They may have been the tv land darlings first coming up, but it got a tad tiring when they spun off and started dominating everything…


Yes, I like Tarik and Christina much more than these people :laughing:


I like their designs and techniques…They work in Waco…could use them in Tahoe…


I think the latest season is airing now. That’s the last one. They are going to focus on their other businesses (primarily the home decor one). Credit to them for being one of the few couples to do a TV show and stay married.


Only LA representing Cali.


The decision is later this year? I guess I’m buying a home in Seattle then.


my 3 guesses are on here - ATL, Austin, PIttsburgh


seriously? Christina is so fake and high maintenance, i.e. do you really need fake eyelashes for home improvement stuff?


Top three guesses are in: Austin, Atlanta and Boston.
Executives are pushing hard for cities with great entertainment scenes, sorry marcus335.


In fairness, the Bay Area is awash in money and too crowded in general to support HQ2. We killed it in terms of the criteria list so not sure what to make of that. I mean are all of the 20 finalist cities able to fully meet requirements like proximity to international airports and have ample supplies of workers? Not to pick on any city, but Nashville meets the criteria? With that said, It totally makes sense to have an east coast presence to complement the west coast presence from Seattle.


I wonder if visa and green card difficulties give Toronto a leg up on all the US cities.


Atlanta make the most sense. Opposite corner of the country. Huge airport hub, mild weather, cheap labor and cheap housing… several universities.

Busiest airport in America


On that list, I like: Denver, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, and Raleigh. I’d consider: Indianapolis, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. Those are more due to proximity to family and friends from college.


Wow, some of the incentives are shocking.