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Top of my mind Unicorns(World wide companies, almost no viable competitors today). Stock market was lowest in March 2009, hence looking at all since 2009. With hindsight of 20:20, any city in USA will be ready to provide an arm and a leg for them to startup from their city today.
FB - 2012
TSLA -2011

Too lazy to search for more.

Btw, NFLX(stock) took 7 years before it shot up. Large % of the other startups which are profitable(barely) will shoot up in future OR will be acquired by FANG like companies.


Look similar to FB? So buy BOX now? And buy dropbox after it drops for a year?


LA makes sense for Amazon. How much difference in corp taxes between LA and other east coast cities?

If Amazon employees have to vote, I think LA would win.


The chances of Amazon’s second headquarters coming near the nation’s capital just got a lot higher.

Three bids from the D.C. area made the final list for Amazon’s second headquarters, which was announced Thursday. That’s the highest representation for any other region that bid for Amazon’s “HQ2.”

It’s unclear exactly what type of incentives the region has offered to Amazon for HQ2. But public records of the District of Columbia’s proposal, discovered by WAMU, give some hints of what to expect.

Although heavily redacted, the proposal offers relocation reimbursements of up to $5,000 for each employee relocating to D.C. and wage reimbursements of up to $10,000 for each new hire. It also promises a zero percent corporate tax rate for five years and a reduction in the corporate tax rate from 9 percent to 6 percent “for the life of the company.” It also offered several property- and sales-tax exemptions.

Perhaps the more unique offering is a new education and training center called “Amazon University.” The proposal says the new facility will offer “customized educational curriculum for bachelors, masters, and executive education” for Amazon at “DC government’s expense.” It also offered to partner with local universities for a new program tailored for Amazon’s workforce.


HQ2 is a smart PR for Amazon. Most companies usually quietly shop around, but Amazon made it a top headline news. It helps drive the best offer and also provides a lot of free media and PR.


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Could be near DC… Bezos wants to be close to the evil empire… Where all the power is …


Yup. Amazons biggest worry is regulatory. Playing golf with regulators can’t hurt.


We should go buy some houses in the DC ghetos


No bargains in DC. That’s why I still think Atlanta is a good bet.


Miami is interesting. I didn’t see anyone pick it as a front runner. It’s Bezos hometown. No idea how much fondness he has for it. He does own the most expensive house in DC, and the Washington Post is there. He’s one of the largest land owners in Texas, and Whole Foods is in Austin.


SQ, TEAM, TWLO, and MULE, just to name a few. All headquartered in SF.



Portland doesn’t care…


Oregon hates all newcomers…Wecome to Oregon, now go home…especially Californians


and many are mostly former Californians.


No state tax in Texas is a big draw. Still thinking Dallas or Austin.


Dislike Maryland and DC area.


Oregon is full of idiots. They recently passed a law to allow people in rural areas to pump their own gas. It’s always been mandatory for a gas station employee to do it. You had grown adults freaking out, since they’d never left Oregon and don’t know how to pump gas. Are you kidding me? I wonder how they don’t starve to death.