Amazon HQ2




Need to organize a RE tour to DC.


Oh god, watch your back manch. Dirty place. And dangerous.


If DC area wins, it’ll probably be in VA. VA is a lot more business friendly than MD.




Um, Chicago housing costs aren’t cheap (unless you include the gang infested south side) and traffic is unbearable. I think Pittsburgh and Columbus are too small. 50,000 job would make a HUGE impact in cities that size.

The first list of 5 is much more believable.


Yup. Told you so! Bezos already has acquisitions here (A9/Lab126 and maybe others). He knows the turnover and cost are higher than anywhere else.


I think he’ll choose Boston. There’s already a presence out there, and Suffolk Downs is a great location. Lots of fresh talent.


If I recall correctly, marcus335 said executives pushing for Boston whereas rank and file (guess means Senior Managers & below) hungering for Austin. So, Atlanta a compromise?
executives want great entertainment.
rank and file want reasonable cost of living.




Take a look at the house prices north of Suffolk Downs area.,no-outline

Looks pretty affordable.


There was an article about execs wanting Boston. I think most employees want more affordable and warmer weather. That’s Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, or Miami. The media wasn’t talking about Miami, and it made the list of 20. Still, the media no one is talking about Miami.

Also, WA doesn’t have state income tax and property taxes are pretty low (1%). Any high tax state will be a shock.


Why would amazon choose HQ2 based on what their current employees think? These people already work at amazon in Seattle. If anything amazon should think about their future employees, the people they haven’t gotten yet.

DC or its suburb is sure win. This is just a show to wring maximum subsidies from the poor cities.


VA is a good place to invest. Which city is the best? I still think DC could be a place young workers will compete to live in. In cold places, urban center is much more preferable than cold and inconvenient suburbs. Suburb is for CA


You’re assuming the out-of-town future employees for HQ2 are drawn from different places of out-of-town current employees working in Seattle. Also, assume almost all of the future employees in HQ2 are newly recruited. Frankly, I expect the bulk of the initial set up staff are from Seattle. This group would then recruit most of the rest from the locality.


Plus, wouldn’t it be reasonable that future employees will want similar things to current employees? The company will be hiring the same types of roles.


How many Amazon employees are eager to move to DC and VA?

DC and VA housing is not cheap though, it’s one of the high priced places. I think it’s a desirable place to live and work as well.


There was only one Redfiner that wanted to live there. Mediaguru. He was raised there. Delusionally felt it was better than the BA. Nobody else believes that.


These current employees said it would be nice to have warmer weather and lower cost of living than Seattle. And yet they all chose to come to Seattle and work for Amazon. It doesn’t look to me these factors are all that important even to the current employees.

You can see the Amazon HQ1 and HQ2 as some sort of AB testing. Why would you design your B test on people who chose A? People who like Seattle, like the current employees, will continue to work at Seattle. By having a B location that potentially appeals to different sets of people you broaden your talent pool much more.