Amazon HQ2



Weather does not matter. Open an office and they will come. Boss makes a decision and all the new employees will be eager to join for the money.

When will tech companies move to Hawaii? Did Hawaii submit any proposal to Bezos?


my friend who works at Lab126 (Amazon) says that the hearsay is they will need some people to relocate to new location so I think they would want it to be somewhat appealing to them as well


So…Seattle is going to be on sale soon?


You want to move there?


Well it is on my list of possibilities, but may be too soon.


Doubtful. There’s a lot of hiring overall, not just amazon. I think it’ll slowdown a little, but that’s not saying much. It’s been #1 in appreciation for 14 straight months. Most hires I’ve met from the last 3-4 years still rent. So that’s a lot of pent up demand for home buying.


In terms of crypto wealth, is there a big Bay Area advantage over Seattle and east coast? I guess Bay Area people might be more open minded so likely have bought much more coins than seattlites


If crypto is so private, how does anyone know who owns it?


It’s like the CrossFit of investing. Anyone that does it won’t shut up about it on Facebook.


People treat cryptos as stock, buy and sell for profit. Noting to hide when you invest. If you use it as currency, your transaction can still stay private even if people know you have crypto. Just like everyone knows that everyone has a $20 dollar, but nobody knows who used $20 to buy weeds


Not all crypto have a private ledger. So that statement only applies to some crypto. Crypto is far too volatile to use as a currency. You can’t invest hoping for high volatility and say crypto is valid as a currency.





11.9%, for Atlanta; 11.2% tie between Chicago and New York City; 10.4% for Boston and 8.8% for Austin.


Completely agree with professor on DC. Didn’t really think about NYC but it makes sense. Still DC has best odds.


24 years old who are willing to help Jeff Bezos’s AMZN best Apple in market cap for only a fraction of a fraction of a :pie:. High IQ fools :crazy_face:



I wonder how much the talent part should matter. It’s not like any city has talented people sitting around not working, so they will have to be hired away from other companies in the city. The existing companies will have to back fill those people some how which will lead to more people relocating to that city. I suspect a majority of HQ2 employees will be transplants that relocate for the job. I’ve met very, very few people from Seattle. The vast majority of employees are transplants. I think it’s more important to have a city people want to move to vs. a city that already has talent.

It almost makes more sense to pick a city that’s desirable but doesn’t have a lot of tech employees. Compensation wouldn’t be as competitive and retention should be higher.


Counter intuitive :genie: Any city has low cost of operating a business, low cost of living, zero state income tax, has great entertainment & clubbing activities and yet able to influence the regulatory bodies?

Obviously, articles that are pushing for one city or a group of cities are paid propaganda. Read it for info but ignore the suggestion.