Amazon HQ2



You need Spanish speaking ability to live there.


Do you need Spanish more than in San Jose?


Miami will see a lot more flooding with climate change. No good. There’re no good universities in the entire state either. :-1:


University of Florida has potential to catch up with Georgia Tech or even UT someday. Denver is even worse. Seattle is not much better


University of Washington has top ranked CS program. Colorado’s CS program is also quite good. Nothing in Florida is close.


Weather can overcome university


Chicago has many world class universities. If you count UIUC there’s even more.


Only if you want to be a beach bum instead of working.


Miami >> Chicago. University is less important than weather and money. Most of the new graduates are from out of state


Chicago is actually an excellent choice the more I think about it. Housing is affordable. It’s a real first class city with all the perks like restaurants and shops. That region also has tons of good universities. Every one of Big 10 is good.


Gun violence? Taxes?


Isn’t the standard GOP response to gun violence “everybody get a gun”?



Cha-ching for some lucky city…


If Chicago or New York is chosen, I won’t buy any house in Chicago. Too big to have a pop.


Chicago and NYC get a thumbs down from me.



Where then you would buy? Austin, Houston, Raleigh… ?


Amazon reportedly visited Miami, Chicago, New York City, Newark, and locations in the Washington, DC, area.


Jeff is trapped by analysis paralysis.