Amazon HQ2



Could it be that frankly these places are not slam dunk locations? Kind of like when the referees are taking too long on instant replay. It simply is not so clear cut…

Come on, open it up again in the West!!! You know the Bay Area is sweet, Bezos!!!


I honestly wonder how involved he is in the decision. He tends to delegate and expect teams to make the decisions. He’ll offer some feedback and insight, but he wants them to make the decisions. He’s the exact oppose of Steve Jobs in that way.

I still think it needs to be somewhere lower cost than Seattle. I’m amazed how many employees complain about housing prices and are renters. They also complain about how high rent is.



They thought with their high pay they should be able to buy a 4Br/4Bth 4000 sqft SFH on a 15k lot.
If the price of houses (& rents) are lower, their pay would be cut :roll_eyes:


Most are younger, so they compare buying a condo to renting an apartment. They don’t see any point in owning. Most people don’t want a SFH until marriage and kids.


Younger = under 28? usually means renters :slight_smile: If they can buy, must be geniuses, go to start up a business.
AFAIK, pay are tied to cost of living :slight_smile:
For example, for the same job, pay in Seattle is probably 4-8% less than SV, and in Austin, 10-15% less.


The median age is 31. It’s getting so there’s less pay difference by location, since companies are competing for the same talent and relocating people.


for AI and blockchain folks :slight_smile: only.
companies are cutting pays of other to fund the employment these folks.


Rethink the Bay Area, Bezos!!! You can have all the educated workers you want at your disposal, all the fun activities to fill your employees calendars, access to an international airport and did we mention the incredible food?




It really creates an unfair disadvantage to smaller companies who can’t attract these deals. It’d probably be better for states to just create a good business environment for everyone.

The EU comment is BS. Ireland has a much lower corporate income tax rate than most of the EU. There’s a reason many tech companies have offices in Ireland.



Sweet!!! Fremont baby!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Um, what is the point of all the data, visiting cities, receiving bids, etc?


Come on, Mr. Seattle, smoke and mirrors… smoke and mirrors. At the end of the day, the Big Boss decides…


Yes, but I would expect it to be based on info not his intuition. That flies in the face of multiple leadership principles except “are right a lot”.


I think his “intuition” will be based on which state he can swing towards Democrats. He cannot publicly admit it so this guise of intuition.


To be fair, his intuition turned into a retail industry destroying machine that is on the cusp of being dismantled by the government.


If that’s true, then it’s definitely Miami. FL is a huge state that flip flops in presidential elections.

@sfdragonboy That’s fake news. Amazon doesn’t have enough market share.


Look at how many senators amazon can bribe off. Obviously it will be DC suburbs.