Amazon HQ2




Bezos is actually trying to appear as “nonpartisan”. Of course, with WaPo, he is the most influential CEO, much more than those partisan CEOs


Bezos didn’t go to either Chicago or Austin.

Where Bezos’s jet flies most — and what it might say about Amazon’s HQ2 winner


$10 million is a record-breaking donation in terms of size, but it’s 0.1% of $10B. I think Bezos spends money “intuitively.”

Just last week, Google pulled out of the running for the Pentagon’s $10 billion, 10-year JEDI cloud contract, but Bezos suggested that he was happy to take the government’s money.


Google is not qualified since it doesn’t have enogh certifications. I don’t like the excuse of “principles”.

Google is spoiled with easy money. Amazon has been starving for many years so Bezos is more pragmatic.

“we determined that there were portions of the contract that were out of scope with our current government certifications”




Should we book our plane tickets to scout the area now?


No doubt some will be located on the Maryland side to maximize the politician-bribing.


Don’t seem to have any space to build in Pentagon City and Crystal City.
Build over the cemetery or the park?


DC is cold. If you buy a single family house and you had a vacancy in the coldest month in the winter. Will the water pipe be frozen and burst if the heater is not on?

There’s a lot of winter risk to buy in cold places.

Crystal city condos are already over priced and it’s not worth it.

Plus, DC metro is big and good jobs are plentiful. Would 2000 new amazon employees make a dent?


So, still austin :wink:


They can do what my friend did. Buy in Maryland and commute to DC, or in this case, Arlington.


I checked case shiller index. DC area appreciation since 2008 is only 10% over 10 years. With Trump always look for opportunities to reduce federal government size, I’m not interested in Virginia, Maryland and DC. Texas has been a much better bet in the last 10 years.

For most of the country, housing price is very slow, many is slower than inflation. Landlords are just providing a housing service with pretty low returns.

If every housing market is like Phoenix, there will be no landlord.


Ideal for HQ2 :slight_smile: just not for landlord-investors like you.


Well, DC is not the worst. NYC housing price only increased 5%. I’m curious how Trump can make money in NYC. You have to be a developer to make money in NYC real estate.

Stocks price has more than doubled but NYC home price is flat in the last 10 years.


Buying in va? Or just austin?


Makes me think bay area will flatten as wrll


How dare you say that??!!! :scream:


Now I understand Robert Shiller. He’s right that stock is a better investment than homes.


Doesnt take a genius, but people like elt1 do it as a business, so there are money to be made both sides.

Stocks qre better for the lazy.


No to VA, yes to Austin.