Amazon HQ2



Lazy is a virtue.
Lazy & intelligent: Leadership
Lazy & stupid: Management
Hardworking & intelligent: ICs :joy:
Hardworking & stupid: Unemployable. Get rid of them.

Running a property company would make you an US President.
Running a tech company would make you a Billionaire.
Your choice.


If Bay Area will be flat for the next 10 years, will you buy or rent?

Many New Yorkers kept buying home in the last 10 years


Amazon in Late-Stage Talks With Cities Including Crystal City, Va., Dallas, New York City for HQ2 - WSJ


OMG, here we go again with the Doomsday predictions of Bay Area RE. We survived a big earthquake and the great recession and came back STRONGER. At the end of the day, the Bay Area has EVERYTHING a person could want. Jobs, weather, diversity, activity, etc. Yes, you can’t be poor here, for sure. But, if you have some smarts the Bay can be an awesome place to live. Only winners and survivors can make the Bay home.


bay area koolaid bro :slight_smile:


What do you mean? Look outside your window or if you are outside, what is the temperature like? What day is it? As I am writing from my home office, I can look to Ocean Beach and it looks lovely. Sunny if not downright warm. I can walk in my shorts for some dim sum to go and life is good. My nephew’s bride to be just landed from Japan and is about to start her life here. There is no other place I would want to be.

Oh, if that pic is truly of your wife, you are a lucky man, Sir. Beautiful. She would give my wife a run for the money…:wink:


That is not my wife hahaha :slight_smile: mine is more beautiful :slight_smile:


Ok, touche…


Picture time or it’s fake news.


Who are planning to buy at least 1 house in each of the three finalists?


it’s fake news for all you should care :wink:


Mr. Seattle,

Projection for sky to fall up in your neck of the woods…


Ok, I will post the younger photo.




Buy buy buy!!


Doubtful. It’s not just Amazon. Google hasn’t even finished their buildings. Facebook is still hiring to fill out their building. Plus, I can lookup the number of Seattle hires after me and current Seattle employee count any time.



Amazon will split HQ2 into two cities, source tells WSJ


HQ2 and HQ3?

CNBC’s Brian Sullivan earlier reported Amazon could split the proposed workforce and investments between Austin and Northern Virginia.

Damn… now I am under pressure to buy more FAST. No wonder those neighborhoods near The Domain becomes so VERY HOT. For the sake of disclosure, have already bought 2 SFHs in those neighborhoods, now I might have to speed up and buy buy buy 2-3 more SFHs before AMZN announcement.


Amazon may announce this week. Buy today.


Tell them to delay for another month. I am not ready to buy more.
I have booked air ticket to Austin this weekend upon this news to scout more houses (I use to wait patiently for bargains and good layout but now any houses will do), so I really need AMZN to delay the announcement.

Austin (neighborhoods with easy access to The Domain (2nd downtown))