Amazon HQ2



Any good Chinese restaurants in Austin?


None :disappointed_relieved: Cook yourself :joy: Some Chinese restaurants are very crowded, I think is because the food is cheap rather than is good.

My advice, learn to eat steak :slight_smile: Ribeye and T-bone are very good :slight_smile:


By splitting I think amazon means it will choose a couple DC suburbs, not just one in Virginia.

They would put one on the Maryland side too. That way they get 4 senators in their pocket instead of only 2.


You can move to Austin and open a Singaporean Chinese food chain. That’s your last chance to become a billionaire


Using intuition, one HQ near White House/Pentagon and one HQ panders to employees.
marcus said employees prefer Austin either in/ near DT or The Domain).


It doesn’t matter what employees want. All that matters is what the big boss wants.


You should view that as a business opportunity not a limitation. It’s not just Asians that eat Chinese food.



Open a BBQ strip joint. Way better money maker


Amazon close to deal to base second HQ in Long Island City, NY and Crystal City, Virginia-NYT - MarketWatch


I am sure there are legitimate reasons for doing two places but to me it is like settling on two wives (if one could) because you couldn’t find the perfect wive. Weak!!!


Finding skilled labor is proving to be a problem nationwide. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Amazon has scuttled its original plan to pick a single location for a second headquarters, opting instead to build two hubs, according to a person familiar with the matter. The move stems, in part, from Amazon’s need for talent—and lots of it—so increasing the number of locations will provide better access, the person said.


I’m surprised Toronto isn’t one of the two then. It’s way easier to get visas and green cards in Canada. There’s just not enough tech talent in the US.


While I get that, you mean to tell me some cities on the list couldn’t have fulfilled that requirement reasonably well? Obviously, I am hinting Bay Area locals. Yes, we are too expensive and you do need a presence back East…


Everybody is trying to hire the bright millennnials like @harriet here in the Bay and paying thru the nose for that privilege. There are still tons of elite colleges back east and competition may not be as bad. Lord Bezos is no pumpkin I can tell you that.


When has he become a lord? Should we all kowtow to him now? :scream:


Fine, but it is kinda like kissing your sister. This whole thing was blown up to be like a lottery and then to find out, oh there will not be a big winner, but two smaller winners…


How much do you spend on Amazon every year? Looking at the old crappy iPhone you carry i bet it’s way more than you spend on apple.


I do go to whole foods every now and then. Maybe spend $100 per year there. In the contrary, the new MacBook Pro I purchased last year cost $3000.


I think it’s more about which areas are graduating the most new tech workers vs. where the most tech workers live now. If you think about it, the current tech workers already have jobs. The median age at Amazon is 31.
There will be far more hiring of new and recent graduates then people with 15+ years of experience. The real opportunity is picking a place where there’s not a lot of tech companies, but there’s a lot of new college graduates from top schools. The north east has the highest concentration of top schools. It’s especially good timing now that tech is seen as more desirable than investment banking.