Amazon HQ2



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Which cities you have in mind? Crystal city? Rayleigh?


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Raleigh would make a lot of sense with all the universities and cost of living. Crystal city doesn’t make a ton of sense. I think Newark or Long Island make a lot of sense. They are lower cost than NYC while being very close to it. There’s also a ton of universities in the NE. Boston has a ton of universities, but the cost of living is very high. Boston is close enough to NY that people going to school in Boston would likely consider working in NY.


Do Austin make sense? Some1 said AMZN had bought a large piece of land in Austin.


How many top schools are around besides UT? It makes some sense because of whole foods being there. I’d probably move if it was Austin, but I’m not sure how likely it is.


I still can’t see NY being an option.

With very high taxes, extremely low housing stock (per Redfin only 4 SFR’s for sale in the immediate area - 4!!!), and weak public schools, these are all big negatives to go into the area on a long term commitment. Yes, you have a strong workforce and relatively easy commuting, but would an Amazon worker pony up $1.5M for this POS

or $315k for a starter home like this:

(don’t forget the $563 per month HOA dues…)

NY and Long Island really don’t match what the conditions were for winning an HQ2 bid. Methinks this is wishful thinking by some - a head fake - and eventually the decision will revert to one location only, and that in the Washington DC area.

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Jeff needs to be located in Washington D.C, but do he needs to surround himself with 50,000 people?
Can’t he organize the corporate such that he + important decision makers in D.C, say total 1000. The rest spread all over the country. Closeness to politicians and closeness to tech guys are hard to achieve.


Amazon Plans to Split HQ2 Between Long Island City, N.Y., and Arlington, Va.

Another articles is Dallas. So is Crystal City + one of {Austin, Dallas, Long Island}

Intuitively, I would select Crystal City as the HQ2 and the other as satellite office.


Aaww, didn’t get a rose, eh, Chicago???



Amazon’s Top Office Picks Offer Blank Slates for Urban Revivals


Which part of Long Island? Your sincerely stay there for about 2 years :slight_smile: long long long ago. Not at Hampton :blush:


Next to queens.


It looks like Crystal City, and Arlington in general, don’t have rent control. Long Island, being part of NYC, does have rent control. But it’s only applied to a small number of buildings and easy to avoid.


Both have state income tax :-1:


As high as California? Better go to Austin for the same pay :wink: and no state income tax.


Seattle itself does not have income tax, what is the need to go Austin?