Amazon HQ2






Now it’s official plus 5,000 jobs for an operations center of excellence in Nashville.


Yup, only democrats would complain about 25,000 high paying jobs being created in their district.

"Ocasio-Cortez expressed concerns about the project pushing working-class people out of Queens. She wrote that “we need to focus on good healthcare, living wages, affordable rent” and that “corporations that offer none of those thing should be met w/skepticism.”

The press release says the average job will pay $150k/yr, and the company provides healthcare. Rent should be affordable with those wages. So what’s her complaint? Oh, I know. She wants the government to provide the healthcare, living wage, and rent through income redistribution. She doesn’t want people to actually earn a living from working for a corporation.

I’d LOVE to see some actual data analysis behind the info graphic on “corporate welfare” vs. “cancellation of student loans.” The points on both sides appear to be made up.


For the Dems, the “useful” piece is complete with the election of AO-C to Congress, but for the Republicans the “idiot” part is the gift that keeps on giving. Boo-Hooing about jobs? Please.

So since NYC properties have the possibility of rent control. and the Virginia prices are pretty high, seems like the Nashville area is the place to invest. Lots of SFR’s for sale in the $275-300k range worth considering from what I’m seeing on Redfin.

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“This is like a gift from the gods for the Long Island City condo market,” said Patrick W. Smith, a Stribling agent in the area.

Up until last week, the Long Island City market had suffered from slowing sales and rising inventory. Now, some brokers say the sudden mood shift reminds them of the heady days of New York City’s condo boom just before the housing market crashed during the 2008 financial crisis. “This is the first time in my 20-year career that I have seen the market go from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market overnight, based on a rumor,” Mr. Smith said.

During the first six days since Amazon’s interest in Long Island City became public, searches on the listing site for residential property in the neighborhood surged 295% from the same period a week earlier, StreetEasy said. The biggest spike occurred in the first few days after the news, when search volume jumped more than 400%, StreetEasy said.


Real estate broker Teresa Ali faced a frenzy at the sales office for the Galerie, a new brick and glass building going up on Jackson Avenue. Though the building, which wraps around a central garden, won’t open until spring, Ms. Ali said her team met with nearly 100 buyers on Saturday and Sunday. More than 60 other buyers were turned away after leaving their names.

The same building logged 34 visits from potential buyers for the entire previous week, she added. “Multiple offers were on the table” after Sunday’s open house, while four more offers came in overnight.

“It was bedlam,” Ms. Ali, a sales manager at Halstead Property Development Marketing, said. Her team ran simultaneous group tours in English and Mandarin over the weekend.

Uh oh. The Chinese are already there!! :scream:


The goal is to avoid head tax in Seattle and threaten Seattle’s commies


So amazon wants to run away from the commies in Seattle to the commies in NYC? Makes sense.


Amazon lets 2 commies fight against each other to balance


The “commies towns” are just nicer towns. Amazon could have moved to some red states like North Dakota. Wonder why it didn’t.


It needs to be close to talent. Talents are all brain washed so it doesn’t matter where it is. If you build a talent town in Nashville, it will become brain washed over the years. The source of the problem is college. As long as leftists control education and media, mass brain washing can not be avoided. Only the top top talent can retain their own brain and defeat washing :rofl:


Time for those top talent to build their own Silicon Valley, with their own Facebook google and Apple. And please move out of town to some god forsaken place like North Dakota. :smile:


It does not help unless they build their colleges.

Also Silicon Valley is not the top of the world. It’s not an attractive place to live. People come here to grab some money


Um, hate to insult any University of North Dakota folks out there, but U of ND is not exactly known for its cutting edge Engineering, Computer Science or Basket Weaving majors…


Just aren’t very bright people I am afraid… :smile:


Texas and the south has big population and good colleges. Massachusetts and New Jersey has small population and a large number of good colleges.

Silicon Valley is nothing but money. I assume I would have never heard of Silicon Valley if it doesn’t have that much money.

ND has less people than SF and its computer science is better than SFSU


Uh, Stanford???


Stanford was pushed to the top because of Silicon Valley money. Without SV money, it may rank much lower.

Anyway a good college means nothing to the city. Just look at U of Chicago, Northwestern, Duke, Vanderbilt and Rice