Amazon HQ2



I would hire the SFSU grad before the U of ND grad, quite frankly…


Because it cost less to interview the candidate?


Well, that is a consideration but I can’t believe UofND would be that much better than what someone could achieve via SFSU. Now, I am basing that on the fact that San Jose State is considered fairly top notch for what it is, so I am thinking the program at a near Cal State school like SFSU would be decent and close enough. Again, every student is gonna be different and have different skills to bring to the table. I am not going to knock someone who stayed home and went to SFSU for say financial or family reasons, but clearly has the skill level to do the job. Everything comes out in the wash: the test you give the candidates. If Mr. U of ND wows me and aces the exam, so be it…


The fact is on the other way, Stanford produced many startups and well known giants in bay area. Stanford is Mother of Invention that spread the tentacles across bay area.


Guess no one is making moves in these cities despite the 100s of posts here.



Both UC Berkeley and Stanford (along with MIT) are the top engineering colleges in the world. Berkeley invented TCP sockets, its own Unix (BSD) which is the basis for Mac OS, RISC processors among other things. Bill Joy was from Berkeley. Stanford professors have been founders of billion dollar companies. No other place in the US has such strong academic environment in engineering. Not even Boston.


I’d have considered some of the cities. I have no desire for higher housing costs and state income taxes.


Amazon Is Getting at Least $1.7 Billion to Come to Queens. Now Comes the Fight Over Whether It’s Worth It.

some Queens residents and many elected officials expressed anger that the costs — in crowded subways, rising home prices, strained sewers and actual state and city tax dollars — could far outweigh the benefits of at least 25,000 new workers, making an average of what the company said would be $150,000.


So Stanford and Berkeley produced almost the same number of founders. Why do everyone only mention Stanford and often ignore Berkeley?



DSA will start a resistance movement against Amazon :rofl:

“ Getting priced out is what Alex Howe fears will happen to low-income families in Northern Virginia. Howe is a member of the D.C. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. The group runs the website NoVa Says No to Amazon.”

“ We’re going to see, I think, an explosion in rents and housing prices. And folks in these communities, like up the street in the Chirilagua neighborhood — developers have been eyeing that area for a really long time," Howe said. “They’ve been able to hold them off, but honestly I think the pressure’s going to get higher.”

Chirilagua is the predominantly Latino neighborhood on the Arlington-Alexandria line.


$50 up in rent and $3% up in house appreciation is explosion to them. Peanuts to AMZN managers and SWEs. Go there and buy 2-3 houses :slight_smile: each.


Why can Google bring 20,000 jobs here without any public subsidies but Amazon needs $3 billion?’ asked one state senator.

Because I am God…




Amazon played this badly. It just comes off as greedy and lost people’s goodwill. It’s important because it needs goodwill to head off regulations or even anti trust probes. Amazon can well afford a billion or two. Why squeeze the last drop out of people?


Answer: If you want to play, you have to pay…


NYC is not exactly hurting for lack of high paying jobs. That’s why you are seeing pushback there. Not a beep is heard over in Virginia.

Nowadays it’s all about corporate responsibility, like it or not. You see Benioff playing nice with the city and people treat him as royalty here. Amazon needs to learn how to play nice.


Come on, posted earlier…


As they pointed out, it will take YEARS to hire all the employees. Instead of trying to think of ways to punish the job creator, why don’t they focus on how to help people qualify for the $150k jobs? Socialists always want to bring everyone down to being poor together. It’s never about lifting people up to higher income levels and a better lifestyle.


Maybe details about the jobs being at $150K, etc shouldn’t be so readily offered out to the public. Of course, the average joe is gonna be upset…