Amazon HQ2



Those people will end up paying a ton of income tax, sales tax, and property tax. They are the exact people every city should want to attract. They are the few people that actually pay enough in taxes to cover the services they use.

11% population growth from 2012 to 2016. Spending grew 39% or more than 3x faster than the population. Yet, Seattle city council will talk all day about how there’s a revenue problem, and they need more tax revenue.


Yes, and the spin-off effect from having these workers…blah, blah, blah. The average joe is only thinking about himself. I would just be vague about the salary ranges and such. Why throw it at someone’s face who won’t have a lottery’s chance at one of those jobs?



The data collected clearly didn’t indicate those two places. Hence, Jeff has to say use “intuition”, codename for I have already decided on those two places, just want to squeeze the city to provide tons of perks. TC might intuitively know this, is why he said he won’t do it this way.


TC may choose Austin now that Bezos shut him out of NYC and DC.


Thought Apple shuts out Bezos from Austin? Apple already has a large presence in Austin. Don’t think Apple has much presence in NYC and DC.


I don’t like Bezos


I have the same reaction to how Bezos played this. In an era where Salesforce, Google and FB do everything to keep their local communities happy, Amazon is asking for tax payer subsidies, setting up false expectations and then going where they always wanted to go!

Will these cities now have the guts to tell Amazon that we’ll only give you 50% of the promised subsidies since you are bringing in only 50% of the promised headcount?


Both cities based the subsidies on amount of jobs created. If the jobs don’t happen, then there’s no subsidy. The cities aren’t giving away subsidies thinking they get all 50,000 jobs and only getting half.


Imagine all the young men eating by themselves…

Voelker adds that many restaurants in the Amazon bubble have large bar areas to accommodate all the high-income workers who don’t cook and dine alone frequently. “There’s a lot of people just coming in every day. They don’t know anybody, and they’re dining out and they’re meeting people. So you seen bar-dining culture evolving,” Voelker says.

What the heck is yappy hour?

Amazon has dog-friendly amenities throughout its Seattle headquarters. (After all, if you don’t have to rush home to walk your dog, you’ll keep working.) “Dog happy hours are a big thing and people are always asking on forums: ‘Where can we go that’s dog friendly?’” Voelker says.

Also the big boss may have a say…

Jeff Bezos himself might weigh in on dining options.


If cities will indeed stick to doling out incentives tied to actual job growth then all the power to them! :slight_smile:


Not really HQ2 and 3 specific but talks in detail about the bar raiser system in Amazon. Amazon is a trailblazer in a lot of new management techniques that don’t get a lot of press. Someone should write a whole book on that topic.


I have yet to see new ideas, only old ideas rephrased. Tell AMZN to stop doing that. Very tiring.


Which other company has bar raisers in interviews?


DIdn’t read the article, just know no new ideas. Now that you ask, I need to waste few minutes of my time to read.

Glance through. Bar raisers are nothing new, f… waste my time.


it’s a long read. Enjoy. :smile:


I’m working on getting enough onsite interviews to get into the training program for it. It’s an amazing internal networking tool, since you aren’t allowed to be a bar raiser for your own department. When I interviewed onsite, almost everyone in the loop was a bar raiser.


No wonder this site was picked…


It’s not insider trading if you buy RE but not stock.


WSJ says that seattle housing market shudders due to HQ2. Fortunately, BA landlord does not need to lure tenants with $2,500 Amazon gift card yet Inc.’s announcement last week that it will add new headquarters in New York and Virginia, far from its hometown, injects new uncertainty into the already slowing Seattle market.

Seattle home sales are already down this year compared with last and home price growth has eased. Price cuts are becoming more common and bidding wars more scarce. Rental landlords are struggling to lure tenants, promising perks like free rent and $2,500 Amazon gift cards.