Amazon HQ2



Loophole. That’s how many early FBers and Googlers make a killing. They buy many houses before IPO. Same go for other startups that are about to IPO. Who want to sponsor a bill to forbid such purchases? Or limit to just Primary.


Fake news. There are 8,000 open jobs and enough RE projects under way to hold thousands more. There’s still lots of hiring in Seattle. Oh, and Google’s buildings aren’t done yet either.


But this is real news, “Price cuts are becoming more common and bidding wars more scarce. Rental landlords are struggling to lure tenants, promising perks like free rent and $2,500 Amazon gift cards.”, right?


A ton of apartment inventory has come online in the last year, and it’s all luxury units. That market is probably crowded now. People who had non-luxury units used to be able to charge almost close to luxury unit rent. People will leave those units for new units, and those landlords will have to lower rent to get a back fill. That’s not surprising.


Cheer up, losers!!!


• Half the jobs Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) brings to its two new headquarters will be in tech, according to NYC and Virginia government.

• NY officials say that 12,500 of the 25K jobs coming to the Long Island HQ will be in tech and the rest will be in “administrative jobs, custodial staff, HR, all those things.”

• The Virginia HQ will also get 25K jobs, and officials say Amazon “said from the beginning they expected it to be about 50-50” in terms of tech jobs.


What’s the tech job ratio in Seattle?


I thought people in DC didn’t know the difference between potato chips and computer chips…:sunglasses:


What about bargaining chips?


Cow chips…



AMZN HQ2 is a self-inflicted wound. It shows its ugly way to everybody to see, wtf.
天作孽,犹可 违;自作孽,不可活


You don’t think apple will get subsidies for their new campus, wherever it will be?


No idea but AMZN brutally squeeze the city to bone dry in public.

The project will cost Amazon upwards of $3.6 billion, but the company will defray much of that cost thanks to $2.8 billion in city and state tax grants and other incentives officials are offering the company.

The massive incentives package has riled local politicians and activist groups, who say the trillion-dollar-company shouldn’t need a sweetener to come to New York.

“Amazon is not coming here to hire people in the neighborhood — people who already have jobs with Amazon are coming here,” said Raymond Normandeau, 74, a resident of nearby Queensbridge Houses. “I support a little mischief that voices opposition to that.”

This is a bad start. Better hope it ends here. Otherwise, those new comers have to fear for their properties and lives.


Funny how they picked the only city that would be ungrateful. Should just unpick them and have one HQ2 in DC


Here you go, @BAGB… can’t knock these SFSU grads…


CEO of Arista went to SFSU I think.



That’s because of the location. As SF and BA money grows, someday, SFSU and SJSU will become comparable to University of Florida


What??? IMO, SFSU and SJSU are already CURRENTLY better than the University of Florida. To me, the gap (favorably) would widen over time…