Amazon HQ2



SFSU and SJSU are quite well known internationally. Few of my Singaporean colleague came here to get their degrees/ post-grads.


Arista Network’s CEO went to SFSU. Networth 1.4B.


I was told if you want to get a job go to SJSU and SCU. If you want to start up a company, go to Stanford and UCB.


SCU is probably a lot better. USF seems to be worse than SFSU.

Is SFSU better than SJSU?


Makes sense. I am sure anyone with a EE/CS degree from either schools should be able to land a pretty decent job (especially in this hotbed)…


Ex-CEO of Intel went to SJSU.

There are just way more opportunities here. C’mon! U of Florida? Really?


Hence why you should give houses to your daughters instead of splurging on college admission.


No hard evidence but I suspect SJSU (being down there in SV) would be better for Engineering and CS. Other majors, not sure either way…


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(Yes, only 1 year at UCLA… left because she couldn’t handle the more prettier gals in her class. :grinning:)


He is Jewish. School doesn’t matter that much. Also a Trump supporter, not sure whether SJSU is willing to be associated with him


Why choose? Do both of course.


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I will paste a “sister” free story on this when available, but this sounds pretty ridiculous…



NYers are smart.


A few noisy clowns protested but the majority voice was not heard. Media should just ignore these clowns who are manipulating people’s limited time