Amazon HQ2



“ In the late ’70s and early ’80s the United Electrical Workers had recruited 600 workers at Silicon Valley’s largest contract manufacturer. That CM now has its HQ in Singapore. In the ’90s most of the hardware end of high tech in the Bay Area was offshored to Asia. This was motivated by two things: 1. Unions like UE beginning to make inroads in the hardware end, 2. cities in Silicon Valley passing all kinds of health & safety restraints after it came out that the electronic manufacturers had poisoned Silicon Valley’s groundwater.

What remains in the Bay Area, and probably other areas of USA, is the programming, design, marketing, maintenance and servicing end of the high tech sector. The companies in this area hire large numbers of people with college educations. They depend on the engineers and support staff because they carry the technology around in their heads. So the companies are motivated to pay them high salaries and fairly generous benefit systems — private welfare states. That’s part of the union avoidance strategy.”




Cool… AOC will have more supporters in the future :smile: (less good private sector jobs and AOC will provide them govt jobs)


So much for intuition :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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To put this into perspective, the $3 billion in incentives is only twice that which the MTA paid to renovate the Fulton Street subway station. Yet these same politicians did not rally ire among their constituencies against the MTA’s wastefulness. Between the two, an Amazon campus, which would have had many follow-on benefits, would have been the better deal. Shame on NY’s politicians for being so short-sighted.


Oh well. NYC will be ok.


Unions are only needed when workers have no other job choices. If they’re in demand, the union is a waste of their money.


You can have union which is only activated when GDP grows below 0.5%


Politicians are a huge waste, cut their salary to zero. And reduce the headcount of them by 80%.

NYC is a toast now. All employers will take notice. If Amazon can’t make it work, why do you think you could?

Will this benefit Nashville more or Virginia more?

I’m getting 5% more bullish on the South.


Still not useful–tech could grow while everyone else stagnates. You only want it when you need it. At the point where techies need it, they’ll form it.


Google is still expanding in NYC. Amazon lost goodwill by demanding huge subsidies. I don’t see AOC protesting against google.


Actually looking back I think this amazon HQ2 show was a very bad strategic decision for amazon. It doesn’t need that subsidy and now it’s firmly planted in public’s mind it’s greedy.

It’s still playing checkers while it should have been playing chess.

The year is 2032 and President AOC orders amazon to be broken up.


AOC for the dump.

I love Amazon


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$3B subsidy vs. creating an additional $27B of tax revenue. Even the mayor of NYC admitted they need subsidies, because without them they’d never compete with Texas.

All this does is make it impossible for small businesses to compete with large ones. They could have reasonable rules and taxes. Instead, they have rules and taxes that are uncompetitive. Big businesses can negotiate a deal to get more reasonable terms while small businesses are forced to operate under uncompetitive terms. That puts small businesses at an even bigger disadvantage. That’s amazingly ironic considering liberals claim big businesses are evil yet their way of operating gives big businesses an unfair advantage.


What an idiot. Yes, you just prevented your city from getting 25,000 high paying jobs. Way to take a victory lap. You just missed out on $27B in incremental tax revenue.


I bet amazon will still expand in NYC. There are certain talents that only NYC has or has the most of. Think fashion, media, finance etc.

Google may also get some subsidy from NYC as well but they don’t put on a dog and pony show asking governments everywhere to come beg for their mercy. Neither did Apple and documents show Austin gave Apple subsidies as well. This HQ2 is just bad PR for amazon. The damage will come over many years.


70% of NY residents were in favor, and a small number of politicians put their own agenda and ideology ahead of the people they represent. Hopefully, they get voted out next election cycle for not representing their constituents.


I prefer AOC over Silicone.

The bald man with uneven eyes is behaving weirdly recently. Go for silicone. Dog and pony show twice (HQ2 and something about pay for service guys).