Chloroquine and COVID-19

I created a new thread to talk about Chloroquine.

“World health officials are testing four of the most promising drugs to fight COVID-19, including malaria medications chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, an antiviral compound called Remdesivir, a combination of HIV drugs Lopinavir and Ritonavir and a combination of those drugs plus interferon-beta.”

Weren’t people complaining when the malaria drugs were mentioned as promising? Turns out that information is correct.

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Never did I say I do not trust these professionals. Did I?

I just wanted to know the consensus estimate, the methodology used to arrive at the estimates, assumptions made, and hard data used. The first law of computer science:

Garbage In = Garbage out.

Singapore is also evaluating this and other drugs. However, they are more optimistic about Remdesivir.

Do you drive a car? Do you understand everything about how a car is built to your satisfaction? That’s a specious argument. Where you are claiming to not be an expert so you cannot pass judgement (how many ventilators are needed) while at the same time suggesting people who are experts are wrong because you question the data they use and the conclusion they arrived at.

Point #1
As I understand this decision is not from the White House or Trump but from the people who are experts in these areas and advise the President.
Trump as I understand it in fact wants the ventilators to be produced.

Point #2
Technical/Technological Decision

Point #3
Supply chain and risk mitigation decision

nytimes: it seemed clear to several officials that the agency would have to select multiple manufacturers, in part to avoid the risk that one production line runs into technical troubles, or that its workers contract the very virus the ventilators are being built to defeat.

Point #4
Highlighted below are experts who know more about this than my guess is any of us here do.

nytimes: Targets have changed by the hour, officials said, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Food and Drug Administration, which approves the use of medical devices, and the White House try to figure out how many ventilators to request and how much they should cost.

True, I am questioning experts because their estimates do not seem to pass “smell test”. It is OK to question experts. We all do all the time. But, I may be wrong and the expert view of estimate may be correct.

Added later: I try to avoid group think. Therefore, peer review and expert view do not matter a lot to me though I try to understand those views using my own understanding/knowledge of the situation…

Your method of avoiding “groupthink” is to regurgitate Trump’s talking points under the guise of “questioning everything”. Funny how consistent you are.

Agreed. Everyone uses some kind of cover to say his/her point. Some hide behind experts, I hide behind myself. I use group think gambit. The only problem why everyone does not like it that way is because then they have to come with their own points and cannot just report what is someone else saying.

I personally think there are good people and good ideas in both parties. I’m not a Gavin Newsom fan for example but he did a good job putting social distancing into place early. Trump did a good job stopping flights from China early.

They also both messed up a lot of stuff as well. Would be nice to move past the FOX News vs CNN debates that are common everywhere else. The whole reason I liked this place was that it was a bunch of smart real estate investors trying to figure out how to invest. Not this nonsense we can get anywhere.


You are blaming the wrong person. From day one I am saying that the corona virus hysteria and panic is killing US economy and hurting the poor and less affluent. I even put my standing at risk and said that this “virus cannot even kill an ant”. Some people enjoy being afraid and fearful. Not me. Some people see this as an opportunity to take down Trump. Good luck with that. In my personal opinion, this thread should not be even on this forum. Like you, I do not understand why so many people are so much interested in this topic that has nothing direct with real estate or investing.

A few min later: An argument can be made that corona virus can affect investments because the shutdown will slow the economy due to lost income to people and business. But, that is not what we are discussing a lot of time. But, then you do not understand true impact of shut down without understanding the pandemic itself. So, this makes a chicken and egg story. Convoluted? Isn’t it?

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WHO obviously thinks it has enough potential to do a study. There’s a 30 person study that says it doesn’t help. Without controlling for other factors, 30 people isn’t a meaningful sample size. Did they control for age, patient health, and pre-existing conditions?

Unless now you’re saying WHO isn’t credible after saying we should have used the WHO designed test. Never mind the CDC developing the test is a policy established under Obama.

I don’t have an opinion on this either way. my point is no one knows if it’s effective yet and needs to be studied. People are presenting chloroquine as a cure. My point is no one knows yet and there’s conflicting info and it needs to be studied. It might very well be, or it may just be a toxic drug. We are months away from know if it’s an effective treatment

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It’s probably better to give it to people than do nothing. As long as the dosage is below the toxic amount, there’s really no downside to using it.

The problem is the extreme political decisions by some governors who on their own decide to ban chloroquine overriding FDA that has approved it for compassionate use. I agree most voters are sheep, but there are many sheep that can think on their own.

Can governors override FDA?

Dude you keep saying governers banned it. Can you site a concrete example?

The governor of Nevada banned it.

I thought you are an informed participant. Can you do some search on the internet or just look for my post a day ago on this forum