Cloud Kings


Which are the zero debt companies?


Big bad tech e.g. AAPL, GOOG, FB, AMZN…


declines much less than…


Cloud kings are slaughtered. Monitoring… wondering should I or not… as Jil pointed out, these businesses are cash flow negative which are likely to perform very badly in a trade war. In fact, Jil suspected that smart monies have been liquidating them. My favorite SPLK is trading at, wow, not only below my last liquidated price but also below my last purchase price. Tim… berrrrr.



VMW up! significantly.



Kings are largely unaffected by trade war.


Impact of trade war is more green :slight_smile:



Love of GOOG didn’t carry over to cloud kings. A rotation from speculative to rock solid F10?



4 Growth Stocks to Buy Instead of iQiyi by Bret Kenwell of InvestorPlace recommends buy cloud king CRM instead of IQ :slight_smile:


5 of the 7 cloud kings are hovering at new ATHs. RHT and VMW are still in consolidation.

I have been a big supporter of the idea that the cloud is far from hitting late-cycle growth.

Too many investors glance at the valuation and say “no way!” I too flinch at CRM’s valuation some times. But the cloud is here to stay and it’s all about growing that customer base. When the spending cycle slows down, earnings and margins will explode. That’s why so many continue to stay long the stock.

Owned SPLK and VEEV (instead of CRM).


Overnight, cloud kings all red.



How come your cloud kings don’t have cloudera?


Not three digits :blush:




IBM Nears Deal to Acquire Software Maker Red Hat


Did you buy NOW and WDAY?


This thread started in Mar this year. All cloud king are trading at higher price.

RHT, VMW and WDAY made new ATHs recently.
The other four are above 200-day and 50-day SMAs, bullish.
VMW and CRM are WS darlings.


I’ve traded options on them here and there. I don’t own either.


I noticed the ATH already and all RSI are above 50s, some are above 60s, meaning already over bought position.

I really see AAPL alone under RSI 40, rest are all jumped up really high. It is better to keep the cash sideline until you really find a deal. Looks like all thanksgiving sale was over.


To buy or not to buy cloud kings :thinking: CRM? WDAY? NOW?





I think I make the mistake of buying SQ instead :sob: