Cloud Kings


So quality of their revenue is not high because not all cloud companies will survive. Consolidation always happen, only then we know which one has good quality.

SAP? Old school? They already has a SAP cloud platform. They are trying very hard to convince existing customers to migrate to HANA, promising ML capabilities and other features.


So buy SAP? Its market cap is about the same as adobe and salesforce.


I heard FB (@Boolean to confirm) and GOOG (@tomato to confirm) are moving to SAP :slight_smile: Guess only small companies subscribe to those startup cloud ERP (or subsets). Once large enough, SAP is better in that more robust, reliable and better support? Just guessing :slight_smile:

You need to write to Jim Cramer to hype it in his show. Good buy doesn’t imply share price would roar. Need pumping :slight_smile: by commentators.


Alteryx has a free Dummy book you can download:

AYX’s strength is in its visual drag and drop programming model. It’s difficult to write a python program to suck in multiple data source in different formats like pdf and sql databases, clean it and convert into one single format and then finally do interesting things with them. And after you wrote the program it will likely be poorly architected, difficult to maintain with little to no documentation.


It’s accelarated to the fastest in 20 years.


Get ready for the shakeout and consolidation of cloud businesses :grinning:


Dancing on others’ graves? :man_dancing:


SAP: Buy The Dip $SAP


Did a deep dive on Coupa. Looks pretty exciting. It’s the cloud king in the area of business pay like procurement and invoicing. It’s a pretty darn big area and something every business needs to do.


What happen to cloud royals?
Buying opportunities?


Signs of market peak, 16.4% up from the bottom 12/24/2018 or 9.03% YTD of S&P500. Market have never gone this much straight up in history. Touching SMA200 line, resistance level being tested.

It needs to go up and down always.


• New Relic (NYSE:NEWR) shares gain 3.5% aftermarket on Q3 beats with 35% Y/Y revenue growth. Upside Q4 guidance has revenue of $126.5M to $128.5M (consensus: $126M) and EPS from $0.04 to $0.06 (consensus: $0.03).

• Acquisition: New Relic announces acquiring event intelligence company SignifAI, which specializes in AI and machine learning. Terms weren’t disclosed.


Damn… totally forgot about NEWR. Amongst the princes, I prefer NEWR.


Invest in cloud royals for healthy stock portfolio :grinning:

@Jil, @manch, added any recently?


Last week, I added UBNT and sold 50% today after results spike. I could have kept the UBNT as such, but I am skeptical on economy for year 2019.

I made enough 10% this year overall, do not want to be too greedy now. I am selling almost all stocks, coming out of market soon.

When I buy at some time later, I will consider OKTA, NOW, AYX and TWLO.


NEWR is not good? How about @manch’s favorite, COUP?


I used Coupa a ton in my last role. I seriously don’t get the hype. It’s a terrible tool that lacks even the most basic functionality. Everyone here who uses it hates it. It’s a massive time suck. Approvals are 1 at a time. There’s no filtering. The summary page doesn’t let you create a custom view then approve multiple purchase orders at once. Instead, you have to click, wait for each PO to load, then approve. Then you’re inbox reloads.

I literally spent an hour a day approving coupa reqs. Most of that was time waiting for the pages to load.

It wouldn’t be hard to let me filter my inbox by janitorial reqs by location code. Download that view then I could compare to budget and approve all of them at once. Nope, have to load each PO one at a time for 50+ sites and many types of POs.

Approval limits is a self-inflicted wound. I had to approve everything even if I had one of my team members approve it first.


I have not looked any of these,including 4 I mentioned, but need to deep dive on those.


Added to TWLO and COUP and initiated on AYX today. Still in the middle of the OKTA investor day presentation. May buy some next week.

One thing I noticed about going over companies’ jobs section is that quite a few are hiring Salesforce admin. Seems like I must own some CRM. There’s no way around it.

Coupa’s key advantage is “visibility”. That’s a great selling point to upper management, who’s the buyer of enterprise software. The big bosses can drill down on each department’s spend in real time. That’s a great boss feature. One thing that gave me hesitation though is that Coupa does a lot of development in Pune, India. Is it trying to cheap out on engineering? That may explain the slowness of its software. But seems it has achieved critical momentum.


I see some of the stocks are reaching peak side.
Why adding now, why not wait for some bottom?