Cloud Kings


I used Okta at my previous company before (as well as its competitor, OneLogin, which is still private). IMO when recession comes it will get hit first since it’s a nice to have, not a must have.


Cloud royals are leaving you behind. Many made new ATHs. Join :cloud:! WB already there :innocent:


Most of the Cloud Royals are very weak companies, not making any profits, going up speculatively. They were not going on fundamentals like AAPL or GOOGL or FB (actual revenue and profit). Higher speculation results higher the damage. I did not buy any cloud during bottom as they are not fundamentally strong.

Reg WB, you should notice his cash balance 110B+ which he will put during the down bottom as his invested companies are safe like your AAPL. WB is normally strong during recessionary phase as BRK is one of the top low P/Es above 100B range.


Finished diving into Atlassian and it looks like a winner. Only gripe is that the stock is expensive. But it’s pretty unique in what it offers.

Now that I went thru a bunch of these cloud companies, a lot of them live at various combos of this “Marketing-Sales-Service” triangle. Some started out at one vertex and trying to conquer the next vertex. Like Zendesk started out from service and now wants to do sales, and Salesforce started out from sales and now wants to do everything.

Among the Cloud Kings:


I only have Adobe. I may buy some Salesforce but not sure yet.

About the Cloud Princes:

New Relic

I already have Coupa and Okta. I will buy Atlassian. New Relic seems too narrow to me, and both the CEO and COO of HubSpot look and sound like sleazy jerks.

Here are my Cloud Princesses:


I am looking into Anaplan right now.


Don’t know why you think Box is a better buy than Dropbox. If I were you I’d pick the latter.


Because you were not me. :wink:

I like Box because it’s catered to enterprise. Dropbox is much more consumer focused.


Dropbox has better cash flow and so far seems to make wise strategic investment choices i.e. Hellosign acquisition.


Signing is a losing battle. It has already been won by Docusign and adobe. It’s a waste of money for Dropbox.


My company uses Adobe for signing and Dropbox for storage. When e-signature is up and running at Dropbox I wonder what will happen :wink:


Well then you should capitalize on your insight and load up on DBX. :wink:


How about AVLR, another cloud company?


Don’t know anything. Will add it to my study queue.


Sure, when the price is right. Don’t wanna buy in the midst of cloud frenzy :wink:

Tax compliance integration to your ERP.


Which clouds are you targeting?

I owned SPLK, VEEV and NTNX. Waiting patiently for DATA, WDAY, NOW, SHOP and TWLO. Will buy when there is a bear :bear: raid.


Then, you are going to be cloud king of this forum!

Preference is to go for TWLO, SHOP, NOW and SPLK in that order. I did not do any fundamental analysis (It is up to you to do), just seeing how the stock growth was in that order.


Past stock growth is not indicative of future stock growth. I prefer revenue growth and stickiness of clients. Plan to hold only 4 counters, monitoring a few and hopefully bear would raid one or two of them.


True, that is why I indicated that I did not do any fundamentals. fundamentals will provide some idea.
Also, note these are at peak prices now (that is what I notice in my TA).




ZEN and SHOP are competitors? Huge overlap.

SPLK, DATA, NEWR and AYX are competitors or complementary?


SHOP is e-commerce and ZEN is customer service/helpdesk. They are complementary to each other not competitors. SHOP’s competitors are SQ and WIX.