Cloud Kings


Consumer focused is bad.


This guy is saying the same thing I said. I should be paid to write the article; there’s a typo on the headline:


GoogleDrive, Box, and dropbox dropped from top 5.
Time for @manch to migrate to iCloud for his photo and video storage needs.


BI Stocks


Zendesk: Helpdesk
Atlassian: Software project management and support
HubSpot: Marketing and Sales
Wix: Web Design
ServiceNow: Workflow platform
Workday: ERP (HR, FM, Planning)
New Relic: Software analytics
SPLK: log file analytics


@Jil now that you are flushed with cash after selling AAPLs and itching to get back into market through cloud, may I suggest that you FA these businesses:

BI: MSFT, DATA and AYX - which one is better to invest now (talking about return here not which one is the best company)



Thought experiment: If you are starting up a fairly large retail store in Austin selling some super duper products targeting USA, China and India, which software products would you use?

@manch How about you? Which software products?


I am in favor of AYX, SHOP, TWLO, UBNT, TDOC, SQ, VEEV other than TSLA, STNE and TEVA.

I will wait for S&P bottom.


Why is AYX better than DATA? MSFT and DATA are leaders in BI.


I did some research today, they are supposed to provide results today. Last one was surprise positive than expected negative. Let us wait and see.


Cloud bulls resting! WIX panting hard.
TWLO is twinkling.


Should be waiting for the tsunami of IPOs to be over.


Most of government engaged companies are affected by shutdown like this, that will pull down the market soon.

I really doubt about IPOs now as they are asked to re-submit again by SEC. It will be too late for them to come when market is in dip.

Morgan Stanley reduced GDP growth from 2.2% to 1.7% accounting 35 days shutdown impact.




Have cloud stocks started to pullback meaningfully?
I need to get a few at bargain price :hushed:
@tomato likes MDB, any1 here has it?



MDB changed their license and Amazon just worked around it and offered their own version. I think it’s future is kinda iffy.


Will Shopify be the next Amazon?

When would Andrew come again? Need to buy at princess’ price.


Regarding Shopify, they are not making profit, but hoarding massive cash using follow-on shares dilution.

You to time it carefully.


@hanera, what a surprise ! Warren buffet is in Cloud Technology !.Just read about STNE bloomberg profile.


BRK owned two clouds: RHT and STNE


I do not understand why WB backdoor to IBM as they are going to takeover RHT eventually !


Hope you didn’t sell STNE. I am about to look into STNE more deeply and it booms! In any case, is now one of the cloud that I would be monitoring. Not interested in DBX but if the price is right, might consider. Personally, I like BOX better than DBX.



I sold 60% of it at $22, holding 40%, means only my profit is held at stocks. Original amount is taken back like TSLA.


AYX and DATA are complementary and not competitive at this stage. Depending on how each develops their product portfolio, they may/may not become competitors later