Cloud Kings


You should study NTAP vs NTNX. VMW is not just storage but a lot more comprehensive.


Does your company used O365? If yes, just wondering, what are your reasons for using Dropbox over OneDrive or Sharepoint?

I have never used DBX for personal or business use to don’t know what’s the USP over OneDrive or Google Drive.

Thoughts on Workday? From an enterprise application pov, I think Salesforce, Servicenow and Workday are most well-known and well-entrenched.


We used workday at my last company. It’s way better than any other HR software I’ve used.


Many or a few fortune 500?


I have added a little bit of Salesforce. Now I have ADBE and CRM among the kings.

I don’t like WDAY’s CTO. It may be a silly reason but I am up to the gills with cloud stocks already. WDAY bought Adaptive Insights last year, making a play in the FP&A space. Everybody is busy getting into each other’s swim lanes.


You’re a small fish. Full with 2 counters? 1000 each? 10,000 each?


Only 2 from the kings. I also have princes and princesses in my possession.


ADBE & CRM - Kings
COUP, OKTA and TEAM - Princes
AYX, BOX, ZEN, TWLO - Princesses


Added one more prince: Atlassian.

Monitoring Anaplan’s Monday earnings report.


Faster file sync than OneDrive. IIRC Drew Houston invented the current synchronization model that most providers use today.


This is anecdotal so take it for what it’s worth but I think it’s both established and new companies. I haven’t done a deep dive of what % of Fortune 500 are customers of these 3 companies.


I agree. I have used Oracle and Peoplesoft before and WDay is hands down much better.

And what’s your use case - storing office documents (doc, xls, ppt etc) or code as well? If only office docs, does DBX allow real time online collaboration?


DBX allows real time collaboration but you’d have to access the file on the web and not from your desktop or mobile. BOX has similar features so this is not unique to DBX.


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Lol, double the drop of DBX last week.


Grave dancer? :dancer:


Told you to ditch BOX for DBX but you didn’t listen. See what happens now :smiling_imp:


COUP is garbage. I’m trying to upgrade my laptop to 16GB, since 8 is horrible with windows 10. I go into coupa, select IT hardware, try to select vendor, and it takes me back to the home page I literally can’t do something as simple as buy some dram for my laptop.