Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Covid-19

So the message is lock down hard or lock down soft - CV will spread either way. Got to figure the economic cost (= long term deaths) as well.


Last I checked, Sweden has many more deaths per capita than it’s immediate neighbors/sharing border countries. Thinking a section of population is expendable seems cruel to me.

So for me, the message is lockdowns have slowed down deaths. Otherwise we would have had many many more.

Now, coming to Economic costs:

A vaccine has come pretty quickly, there is good evidence that it would work. Governments around the world have supported the Economy with low interest rates, unemployment money, direct cash transfer, forgivable business loans(once they meet certain criteria) to minimize pain. That’s why the stock market is booming in spite of the Pandemic.

There is no reason for any person to die in this scenario.

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It appears asymptomatic people aren’t spreaders. That means this is spreading, since symptomatic people aren’t isolating themselves.

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The whole argument after WHO came out with that statement was that people are spreading it when they are pre-symptomatic - meaning they don’t have symptoms yet but are going around seeing people and spreading it, not that they never develop symptoms at all, they are two different things.


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And we still have flights from Britain landing every freaking day. No doubt it’s here in the States already.

Close all air travel. But send HK2 to England on the last flight.

That’s what New Zealand did and they’re the only developed country that really contained it. There’s a gaggle of third world countries that did well because hardly anyone ever visits them anyway.
Of course there’s no way in hell the US or any EU country is going to do that. Cuomo screamed bloody murder at the suggestion, early on, that we quarantine New York. Said it would amount to civil war.

The global warmers should applaud the reduction in Air travel. Still less than half of pre covid19. I have no problem with huge travel taxes to reduce air travel and a ban on cruise ships. Reduction in CO2 and covid19 risks… win win. In the sixties air travel was expensive and cool… now it is like riding a bus… pure drudgery and dehumanizing.

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No kidding! I still remember my very first plane ride in the 1970’s. Coach was nicer that business class today. Given how seldom I fly I would glady pay triple for something bearable. The only options now are a few hundred bucks to be treated like cargo or many thousands for 1st class. Seldom anything in between.

Highly infectious, but how’s the mortality? If it were infectious but less deadly by a factor of 10, this would be a good path to achieving herd immunity.

This could be VERY interesting if it’s something in their diet–like more fish or more sources of Vitamin D–or genetics. It’s something people should really be looking into.

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They spend more time outdoors and they’re just healthier. Better habits. Fewer bad ones. That’ll cut the death rate from just about everything.


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Of course, why not? We didn’t do anything.

  • Colorado health officials identified the first Covid-19 case caused by a contagious UK variant.
  • The new strain could be as much as 70% more transmissible.

Nobody else did anything either which is why the new strain is spreading throughout Europe as well.
There’s just no will anywhere for shutting off all passenger air travel. Only New Zealand has done that.

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That’s of course fake news. France closed its border always right away stranding hundreds of truck drivers. Our friendly neighbor to the north shut down British flights as well. Don’t assume other governments are as inept as ours.

The Brits don’t care

Another strain from South Africa . There could be lots more mutations.

The British strain is in Colorado where Newsom is skiing. Let’s ban his return.