Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Covid-19

That’s my whole point. The new variant is popping up in those countries as well.

Could explain the surge in California despite the lockdown

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The mutant virus is in San Diego already!


Officials in San Diego County later identified the patient as a 30-year-old-man who had not traveled outside the United States, suggesting the virus was transmitted by someone else in the community — a sign that the new version is already spreading. A household contact of the man has developed symptoms, the officials said, and is being tested.

We are in deep shit. New strain from Britain is 1.74x more contagious!


Meanwhile we are effing up our vaccine rollout! If people don’t want the vaccine bump me up to front of line goddamnit!

Have you considered taken up drugs?


Doesn’t matter how contagious. Matters how deadly. If it’s 1/10th as deadly, you’d be glad to catch it if it makes you immune to the one that’s been going around.

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Unfortunately can’t get through the paywall, but looked interesting:

How do they calculate the 1.74. Do they ask everyone how they caught it? I know everyone says trust the scientists. But the scientists have botched the Covid19 response since day 1, when they lied and said masks were not effective (mainly so they could keep them all for themselves, worried about a shortage)

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

In California prisoners will get it next.


Off to jail with Manch…

In other news, be careful of getting the Pfizer vaccine (possibly Moderna’s too?) if you have severe allergies:

Manch has to commit a serious crime to go to jail in SF.
Shoplifting, car breakins, bribery, graft, and a host of other crimes are ignored in SF.


I recommend arson. It’s the easiest crime for socially-awkward nerds.


If he burns down City Hall he might get a medal instead of jail.

That might just put him ahead of the prisoners. Either way goal achieved! :slight_smile:

Nope. The Rt factor is the exponent. Death rate is a linear factor. You can play around with your calculator to see how different scaling will impact the end result.

Plus it’s not like death is the only bad outcome from Covid.

Covid vaccine purposely left unfrigerated, pharmacist arrested.

Are you taking a Vitamin D supplement?

Looks like Manch has found the perfect crime to commit. Then again, if he were in that situation, he could just take a dose from the vial. Maybe that’d be easier manch?

Kaiser staff member shows up in an inflatable Santa suit. I guess the positive air pressure from it resulted in this:

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