Daly City Rocking The Overbids



Flipping in action: 930K (March 2017) -> 1.15 (asking)



Granted, it is a big one, but 1.3M!!! OMG, I can’t afford even Daly City now!!!:grinning:


Well that is the best part of Daly City. Honestly this one was sold cheaply probably due to the ugly interior. There were similar sized homes sold for $1.4M+ in the same area in the last six months.


Boom heard in DC too!!! 1.28M, 352k over asking!!!


A classic piece of garbage… the realtor hype is hilarious.
Landmark, my ass


Sell the sizzle, not the steak???


That place needs some major facelifting. Classic fixer at best…


Yes, overpriced fixer duped the buyer.


1.28 selling price…chinese most likely


Rocking it, baby, sfdragonboy should bought the private sale


Wow, DC is crushing it!!! Still, weather is not to my liking…Me pay for some sun…


Wow, I just bought my first home in DC at the end of Dec…looks like the value is already increasing.


You Da Man or Da Woman!!!


Thanks! I’m a man. I’ve been lurking on this forum for quite a while now…actually grew up in the Richmond but can’t afford those crazy prices, so had to settle for DC. Can’t believe where the market has gone! Guess I need to get used to the fog! But I’m already kind of used to it living in Outer Richmond…


Are you saying DC is even foggier than outer Richmond? :scream:


I think so…sometimes I can’t even see driving down Skyline 35!


OMG, yes, depending where you are in DC, especially off 35. I have a buddy who lives off Hickey where it divides into Pacifica and DC and man that fog can be so thick at night. I want to say during summer months especially.


That’s free AC courtesy of being in DC! :grinning:


enjoy the super low water/trash rate and super fast police response(even noise complaint arrive within 5-10 minutes)
lot of new restaurants/stores quitting sf and opening up in daly city