Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


Follow the money. One of the things i read (poorly sourced so take it for what it’s worth), said the foundations funder makes his money on providing health care for low income aids patients. High rents eat into the ability of his patients to make co-payments and hence be eligible for the federal funding match. So it was in his interest to drive (through the foundation so he is able to separate out how he makes his money) to keep housing costs down (or fixed for his patient base) so that he can make money…


Pure evil in the veil of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Parasite living on government subsidy and government regulation.

Weinstein wants to stop new home construction last year and enact strict rent control this year. Must have some untold motivation. Dubious

There are plenty of hospitals and doctors. Why do we need such a political AIDS Healthcare Foundation? We need good journalism to investigate what’s going on there


Not a lot of media coverage about No Prop 10. Why?


Because there’s already enough coverage from you.


Prop 10 is a garbage proposition that very few people care about. We have to educate people so they don’t vote randomly


Every owner I talk to I remind them to vote it down in November and to tell their friends…


Millennials will help to defeat Prop 10. Strict rent control will make millennials homeless while older people occupy the rental housing and never move


Good article



Sounds like you need to get through to your peers to vote down 10 in November…


I don’t talk politics with friends.


That may be, but if you truly want your peeps to have a chance out there in the future I suggest you do talk about it. Time to grow up…


It’s useless. They belong to one or more of the following:

Group A (politically apathetic) - one of them said they wrote in my name on some ballot
Group B (too stubborn to change their view) - they are renters or they never intend to own a property outside of their primary and their only investments are CDs yielding 2% (or whatever the ongoing rate is now)
Group C (leftist) - one of them got mad at me for a while because I voted for the other party in the last election


Tell the Group A people to give their ballots to you. You if they don’t care why not have them vote your way?


The problem with Group A is they are either not registered to vote or they vote with their gut. For example, one voted for Hillary because of her gender and had no clue whatsoever about her other controversies etc.


If millennials don’t care, they won’t have an excuse to blame others when all the rent controlled rentals are occupied by older generation for life and there’s no vacancy for millennials. They can either be homeless or move to Memphis.

Some years later, every city in Bay Area will be like mission district, actually will be worse than mission district after a forever rent control. With a strict forever rent control, tenant would never move out, even the landlord would not care whether the old tenant move out or not, since the next new tenant will continue to pay the same low rent


Your future leaders, ladies and gentlemen… OMG, maybe death is not so bad


Millennials need to wake up and start building. They need to use their youthful enthusiasm to start building houses on a scale not seen in 60 years. instead of protesting against the one percent.


At the minimum, they need to vote accordingly since their skin needs to be in the game. And, why shouldn’t it be right? It is their future. You want to F up your future, go right ahead. If you are as smart as you tell us, then get involved, learn about the issues and develop a game plan that will help you out.


No need to worry, there are more motivated millennials out there, especially after they get the inheritance from their parents.


People now live a very long time. Many of these friends will be waiting for many decades