Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


They are plotting our deaths already :sunglasses:


If you exercise regularly, the kids will only get inheritance when they retire.




First thing first, you have yet to tell the forum whether you’re Indian/ Sri Lankans/ Pakistani/ Afghanistan, and female/ male.

Even WB didn’t wait for his death to begin transfer $ to his own children. There are many ways to start the process such as gifts, insurance, shares of houses/ LLCs, patents and living trust.


Gender: male
Nationality: undisclosed

Most parents of millennials have nothing to transfer before death.

Last things last, how many shares of aapl did you transfer to your kids?


Not sure why Yoda keeps thinking you are female. I think he’s gone women crazy.


He’s forcing me to make a statement. Now he got what he wants


I’m always crazy about women. Is a rights for any males in my clan until some1 bring in monogamy. All of the sudden, it became illegal to have many wives, I am plotting to take back this stolen rights from my clan.


You should give up your rights to soft rice first.

Also, you don’t have to prove that you are straight; nobody thinks you are gay (if that’s an issue to you).


Don’t do that. You build too many houses, current home value will plummet. Keep it low and keep prices high.


@hanera, your kids might be wishing you an early death… :rofl:


Since you already disclosed your sex, might as well do the same for ethnicity… :rofl:


Ethnicity should be a deeper secret: you can change your sex later if it becomes a problem, but you can never change your ethnicity. :rofl:


There should be more soft rice eating men out there. This occupation is too gender imbalanced like tech… :rofl:


Not so! Just look at Michael Jackson :rofl:


MJ changed from human to ET. :smile:


Like what was mentioned in the other thread, it will always be imbalanced so long as women are responsible for childbearing.


Societies used to be matriarchy before it turned into patriarchy. I don’t recall what was the reason for the switch. Was it because of agriculture? Anyway there’s always a chance the pendulum will swing back. May take a few more thousand years though. :smile:


Evidence? e.g. books or links. We’re not hyenas where the … is hanging and swinging and require female to agree before it is possible, for humans any male can force the act. Hence, humans are always patriarchy. And I don’t wish to be like bonobos which shrink in size and males became gay because is so hard to get sex from females.


I thought it’s common knowledge?