Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


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Amongst women?


Based on archaeological evidence.


According to Cynthia Eller, author of this book, The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory, is an invented past and won’t give women a future. Is a “common” knowledge amongst women.


How is it invented? If you look at some primitive cultures still exist in the world today (maybe somewhere in Papua New Guinea or the Amazon), you can see that some of those tribes are still matriarchal. It might not “give women a future” but was definitely something that had happened in the past.


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Double talk?


It’s just a way to have women to bring up the kids on their own. Man are free range, kids need to be with women. Many section 8 families are like this but it’s taxpayers who pays the bill. Those men are giving a pass and no need to pay child support.

Is matriarchy preferred by feminists? With more women working and less men working, gender role need to be refined for the 21st century. Stay home husband should be supported for their contribution. There needs to be social changes to make the life easier for stay at home husband


There needs to be a law that requires biological fathers to pay for child support, except if you donated to the sperm bank.


There is law but those men are not making enough money. If those men are making as much as you do, they would for sure pay a luxury child support


Rubbish. Those men can’t make enough money to feed themselves? Are they starving to death? If not, they can for sure pay for child support.


Don’t be too harsh on men when women get majority of the degrees and the majority of the jobs


You want to be a stay-at-home husband?


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Gender equality will mean that women will pay alimony and child support equally. @harriet needs to plan defensively


Beta men. No wonder divorce rate is so high.


Who are you referring to?


You’re such a bully. Be nice to seniors :unamused:


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Homeownership is lower among the young, and higher among the old, than it was thirty years ago. Young adults’ student debt has tripled. The rate of return on their life savings is expected to fall by half. Social security will likely pay them less. Here is the group that would bear the wages of new rent control.

Activists do not address who gains most from rent caps (baby boomers and the upper middle class). Nor do they address who loses most (millennials and the poor). By and large they proceed by anecdote. They focus on this single mom, on that widow, burdened with high rent.

People indeed face awesome trials. But here as elsewhere, anecdotes can blinker reality. Single moms and widows don’t just pay rising rent; they also search for a roof to rent in the first place. Rent control privileges a few visible struggles over many remote ones.