Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


The economists voted on what works, the party leaders on what feels good.

Like any price control, a rent cap crops supply. Investors aren’t stupid. They will not build rent-controlled housing if they can obtain a higher return doing something else. Landlords aren’t stupid either. If renting becomes less profitable, some of them will sell their units, as condominiums, to the well-heeled.

Other landlords will offset their loss of revenue by spending less on maintenance. The quality of housing will deteriorate, and a bureaucracy will be needed to police the increasingly bitter relationship between landlords and tenants.


The worse are the newcomers, I particularly have read on this forum some racist Asian people who feel others shouldn’t be here.


Cox for Governor


Anti Prop 10 commercials:


I thought :robot: rubber stamped the commercials at first…lol


He’s the only one on here who gave the anti Prop 10 camp money. I almost forgot about Prop 10 without his daily reminding. :smile:



Two more ads. They are smart. They put a black man and a Hispanic woman speaking Spanish in the ads.