Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


The economists voted on what works, the party leaders on what feels good.

Like any price control, a rent cap crops supply. Investors aren’t stupid. They will not build rent-controlled housing if they can obtain a higher return doing something else. Landlords aren’t stupid either. If renting becomes less profitable, some of them will sell their units, as condominiums, to the well-heeled.

Other landlords will offset their loss of revenue by spending less on maintenance. The quality of housing will deteriorate, and a bureaucracy will be needed to police the increasingly bitter relationship between landlords and tenants.


The worse are the newcomers, I particularly have read on this forum some racist Asian people who feel others shouldn’t be here.


Cox for Governor


Anti Prop 10 commercials:


I thought :robot: rubber stamped the commercials at first…lol


He’s the only one on here who gave the anti Prop 10 camp money. I almost forgot about Prop 10 without his daily reminding. :smile:



Two more ads. They are smart. They put a black man and a Hispanic woman speaking Spanish in the ads.


CA voters are smart. Yes on gas taxes and no on rent control, both by double digits! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


don’t be sitting home pretty and believe in poll, go vote…


Yes, very good advice… I plan to vote twice…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


if you have any decease family member that are X party, you’ll still get ballot and continue to vote
my dad passed away in 07 and continue to get ballot every year until i call their axx to stop sending ballot to a dead person


Damn @Elt1,

If you were thinking of donating to your alma mater, I would rethink that…


I have cut all ties to the People’s Republic of Berkeley


Even Cal? Rah Rah Rah???


I am not a cheerleader. Just an old geezer, happy in a Red county in a blue state


Still, interesting that someone from academia would publish such rubbish… Come on, most economists if not all have come out universally against rent control!!!


They just want cheap rent. Everyone is out for their own self interest. The real problem is the high cost of construction entitlements and land. If politicians ignore these issues and destroy landlords… next stop is Venezuela…


Ahhh, but that’s the thing right? If you remove rent control and allow the market to work its magic supply should increase thereby reducing rents. I say, let’s give it a try, shall we??? Supreme Court??? Hmmmm???


We need to reduce entitlement costs and zoning restrictions. Increase density and height limits too.
It is more than just a conservative vs liberal issue. Banning rent control is just a first step.